Maka Albarn

    Character » Maka Albarn appears in 14 issues.

    A young, workaholic soul meister partnered with Soul Eater.

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    Maka Albarn possesses an 'Anti-magic soul wavelength' along with a grigori soul, which allows her to manifest wings on her weapon, Soul. She doesn't understand music, which makes her envious of Liz and Soul, who do. When the series started, she was approximately 13 years old and her father (Spirit Albarn) had just divorced her mother (Kami Albarn).

    Attacks: All of Maka's attacks are used together with Soul.

    • Witch Hunter: A technique used by scythe meisters. It is used by Maka and Soul resonating their soul's to focus more power into their strikes. Soul's scythe head changes to a larger, crescent moon-shaped blade.
    • Hexagonal Hunter: A powerful slash using the Witch Hunt technique.
    • Attack of the Six: A rotating slash with a six shape after image.
    • Attack of the U: A crescent slash brought from below and drags the blade upward in the shape of a U after image.
    • Maka Chop: This attack is used without the help of Soul Eater. It is similar to Shinigami's Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop but with the use of a book. Its purpose is solely for comedic relief and is usually used to discipline Soul Eater or any other male that steps out of line.
    • Whirlwind Cut: When using this attack Soul collects the soul wavelength around him then sends it back, the downside of this attack is that it is indiscriminate attack so it can't be used in team missions.
    • Demon Hunter: A more powerful form of Witch Hunt. Maka used it in the fight with The Clown during an assignment with Death The Kid.

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