Character » Majora appears in 8 issues.

    An extremely powerful demonic entity who lives only for destruction, acting through a magical mask.

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    Majora´s Mask was carved from the scales of a powerful dragon also named Majora, who guarded a land that was neither alive or dead. Many desired his armor, believing it gave power and granted wishes. Majora killed all who attacked it, until a mysterious man came. The man played music, and Majora danced for three days and nights before dying, and letting time flow in his land. To capture it´s power, the man created the mask. It is unknown how the spirit referred to as Majora came to be inside the mask. A tribe later used it for hexing rituals until the mask caused problems. They sealed it in shadow, intending it to stay there forever. Since the tribe subsequently vanished, no one knows the extent and nature of the mask´s power.

    The mask is recovered by the Happy Mask Salesman. It is stolen by Skull Kid who puts it on and gets all the power from the demonic mask. According to the Happy Mask Salesman the Majora's Mask is a mask of great terror. With the power of Majora's Mask Skull Kid brings down the moon in three days.

    Link goes back in time and goes to the different parts of Termina to free the four giants to help him. After releasing the giants Link goes to face Skull Kid. It is revealed that Majora has a mind of its own and has been controlling Skull Kid for a long time. Majora faces Link in three forms, Majora´s Mask, Majora´s Incarnation, and Majora´s Wrath, maintaining it´s psychotic and childish behavior, including high-pitched giggling, even as his forms grow more twisted and bestial. It is eventually defeated. it is unknown if Majora is gone for good, but it is assumed so.


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