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    Character » Major Victory appears in 20 issues.

    Major Victory was a nameless American soldier who was killed and brought back to life by Father Patriot as a costumed superhero from the Golden Age of Comics Books.

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    An unknown American soldier dies fighting in Europe during World War II when caught by an enemy booby trap and blown to bits.

    In the afterlife "Father Patriot" appears to him and sends him back to Earth to continue the fight which he does in the guise of Major Victory.

    Despite being given a perfect excuse to do so, being either a ghost or zombie (its never really spelled out just what he is) he has no superpowers and is otherwise just a normal man.

    This golden age version of Major Victor appeared only in 4 comics (but you have to give him credit, he was featured on the cover on all of them), the first issue of Dynamic comics, and three issues of his own title and is otherwise unrelated to characters of the same name at DC or Marvel.

    And to be sure he has also made at least one appearance in The Superpowers Project.


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