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Major Kalishnikov was an ally of Immortan Joe after the world became an apocalyptic wasteland in an event known as The Fall. He aided in many of the raids and attacks led by Immortan Joe and was one of the survivors of the Siege of the Citadel. His obedience and loyalty to Immortan Joe made him a high ranking official in Joe's army, it also granted him the leadership position over the location known as Bullet Farm.


Major Kalishnikov was created by George Miller and was first seen in the film Mad Max: Fury Road. He also appears in the comic adaptation of the film of which serves as a prequel and introduction to many of the characters seen throughout the film.

Character Evolution

Early on Major Kalishnikov is described as being naked unless he has a firearm on him. He is incredibly loyal to Immortan Joe and follows him into battle, including the suicide mission that was the Siege of the Citadel.

Due to his extreme loyalty he was promoted by Immortan Joe and became the leader of a location known as Bullet Farm.

Major Story Arcs

The Fall & The Siege

Major Kalishnikov was one of the first recruits of Immortan Joe and aided him in a variety of raids and battles throughout the wasteland. He was one of the main soldiers during the Siege of the Citadel and helped Immortan Joe defeat it's original occupants.

Due to his loyalty he was promoted and became the leader of Bullet Farm, an abandoned lead mine that he transformed into a fully functioning small arms manufacturer. It was here that he would create weaponry and ammunition for Immortan Joe and his War Boys.

Fury Road

During the events of Fury Road, Major Kalishnikov was called on to help Immortan Joe track down Imperator Furiosa. Majory Kalishnikov was impatient and grew more and more agitated at each failure he and the War Boys faced.

When he and the others reached the swampland many of the vehicles they were using became stuck as the marshes were too thick for their heavy machines. Fortunately, Kalishnikov's vehicle was able to transverse the swampland and he made chase for the war-rig.

Everything was going according to plan until Furiosa shot the spotlight on Kalishnikov's vehicle, thus sending shards of glass into Kalishnikov's eyes resulting in permanent blindness. Due to his persistence he still pursed the war rig; firing blindly in the direction of the rig and it's passengers.

The events that occurred next are of unknown happenings; however, it resulted in the death of Major Kalishnikov. He was killed after Mad Max sent some sort of trap which resulted in a large explosion.

Skills & Abilities

Kalishnikov received military training before the Fall and is skilled at using a wide variety of firearms.


  • The Peacemaker - The Peacemaker is the name of Kalishnikov's vehicle. It is made up of a hull from a Valient Charger which rests on the chassis of a Ripsaw Light Tank. It featured a spotlight on the front of the vehicle which was damaged by Furiosa. It is also one of the only vehicles that was able to navigate the swampland with ease.
  • Colt New Frontiers - The firearms in which Kalishnikov uses in battle.
  • Bullet Armor - Kalishnikov is so obsessed with weapons and bullets that he wears armor made out of bullets and bandoleers.

In Other Media

Mad Max: Fury Road

In the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road Major Kalishnikov was portrayed by Richard Carter.


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