dark_noldor's Major Bummer #11 - An Expiration Date With Destiny review

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    Is that a dream?

    This was a strange issue, mostly because it appears to be in an alternate reality or a dream of Zinnac´s, but there´s no explanations whatsover, so that left me a little sad, because I wanted to know what was going on. Apparently Zinnac managed to recover his body and now he´s killing every single one that received the E.E.M. and now it´s up to Lou and a few of the gang (Carlos, Nancy and Bridget) to go and save the day, by going on stealthly into Zinnac´s ship and blast him, will this plan work? This issue was good because of the dialogues and the art, and I laughed a lot about the cat and the pig, also because of Zinnac´s rampants of fury and delusions of dictatorship. This issue would be better if it made a little sense, so we would know what´s about. Again a cover that don´t mean nothing about the story inside, that´s a bummer (no pun intended).
    3 out 5

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