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    An entity as old as the universe itself, Majin Buu has spent his time between periods of chaotic destruction and slumber. Used by Bibidi, who grew to fear the uncontrollable monster, after attacking the Supreme Kais, (absorbing two, killing one,) he was rendered docile enough to be sealed and sent to planet Earth. Years later, Bibidi's clone, Babidi unleashes the fearsome creature on the universe once again.

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    This page is for the evil versions of Majin Buu including Innocent Buu, Evil Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu. Please see the Good Buu page for the version who was left after the evil separated (often referred to as Mr. Buu).


    Buu is a creation of the evil wizard Bibidi in his plan to kill the Supreme Kais - the guardians of the universe. Buu killed or absorbed all but one, but his great power was too much even for his creator to handle. Bibidi was forced to seal Buu in a cocoon, and without Buu, Bibidi was killed by the remaining Supreme Kai. This orb was hidden on the Earth and forgotten for many, many years.

    Major Story Arcs

    Unbeknownst to the Supreme Kai, Bibidi had a son Babidi. Babidi was just as evil and swore revenge on the Supreme Kai as well as universal domination. Babidi discovered Buu on Earth and gathered many evil fighters to his control. He gained control of Earth fighters Spopovich and Yamu and sent them to retrieve energy to restore Buu to full power and release him from his prison.

    Seven years after Gohan killed Cell, another World Martial Arts Tournament was held. The Z-Fighters entered and participated until Babidi's men attacked Gohan. Gohan was held frozen by the Supreme Kai so that the men could get his energy and leave with it. The Z-Fighters joined the Supreme Kai and followed them back to Babidi's space ship. The Z-Fighters fought through the ship until Vegeta let himself be manipulated by Babidi. Goku and Vegeta battled and with each blow provided more energy for Buu's resurrection.

    Buu is Awakened

    After absorbing enough energy, Buu was finally released from his prison. Although seemingly child-like (thanks to having absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai), Buu was incredibly powerful. Buu quickly killed Babidi's right hand man, Dabura, as if he were nothing. Gohan and the Supreme Kai then battled Buu but were not powerful enough to keep up with him. After Gohan apparently died and Supreme Kai was beaten, Vegeta appeared on the scene, having sensed Buu's great power. Even with his new power, Vegeta couldn't damage Buu. In a final move, Vegeta sacrifices himself with one final attack. But even after giving it everything he had, Buu still managed to reform from the remaining pieces left behind.

    After reforming and healing Babidi, they go on a destructive spree trying to lure out Piccolo, Trunks and Goten, who had interfered with Buu's fight with Vegeta. Buu would transform the entire populace of a city into candy or chocolate and eat them all before destroying the city in one massive attack.

    Majin Buu
    Majin Buu

    Goku then arrives on the scene where he powers up to his new transformation - Super Saiyan 3. Goku was able to evenly match Buu's power in this new form, but did not have the time to try and defeat him. Goku was stalling so Trunks could get the Dragon Radar. After Trunks had gotten the Radar, Goku told him that if Buu waited he would have someone much more powerful to play with. Buu agreed but when Babidi ordered him to keep fighting Buu killed his master.

    Goku then teaches Goten and Trunks how to fuse, but before they were ready the rushed in to use this new Fusion to fight Buu. The fusion was quickly defeated and returned for more training.

    After going on an independent killing and destruction spree, Buu then uses his powers to create a house for himself. Eventualy the world champion, Hercule Satan, finds Buu and instead of trying to kill him, he befriends him. Buu accepts this act of kindness and they become best friends. Buu heals an injured dog, but soon realizes that the grateful puppy is not afraid of him. He calls the puppy Bee. After a pair of evil men shoot Bee and then nearly kill Mr. Satan, the evil inside Buu separated from him. The two halves clash. Evil Buu wins the battle and eats the Good Buu.

    Good Separated From Evil

    Super Buu
    Super Buu

    After eating the good Buu, Evil Buu changes into Super Buu. Super Buu has only two things on his mind: murder and candy. Super Buu soon finds the lookout, as he can now sense power levels, where he confronts Piccolo, who agrees to take him to fight Gotenks. Piccolo and Gotenks confront him in the hyperbolic time chamber, but when Piccolo sees they can't win he blows up the door locking everyone in the chamber.

    Out of pure anger and hate, Buu yells and creates a rip in the time chamber which leads back to Earth, where he eats all of the remaining Z-Fighters and family members. Gotenks and Piccolo escape soon after. When Gohan comes back from training with Old Kai, he is able to match Super Buu's power. In an effort to regain superiority, Buu absorbs Piccolo and Gotenks. After this, Gohan is no match and Goku is forced to come and help. Goku comes back and offers to fuse with Gohan, but before they can Buu abosorbs Gohan, increasing his power even more.

    Goku then finds that Vegeta has returned from the dead and convinces him to fuse with him, forming Vegito. Vegito fights Super Buu and ends up being turned into chocolate (as he planned), but the fusion is broken once he is inside Buu. Goku and Vegeta travel to Buu's head and release all the pods containing the Z-Fighters along with the good Majin Buu.

    True Form - Kid Buu

    Kid Buu
    Kid Buu

    Exploding in anger Buu returns to his original from, Kid Buu. Without the presence of the Grand Supreme Kai, Buu reverted to his original form - pure evil.

    When Goku and Vegeta broke out they saw Buu's true from. Buu then started to form an attack to destroy the Earth. Unable to stop the attack, Goku was going to use his instant transmission to get everyone he could off the planet. Unable to grab everyone, he was only able to take Vegeta, Hercule, and Dende with him. Buu's attack destroyed the planet, and he then started going from planet to planet searching for Goku. He finally arrived in Other World where he was about to destroy it until Goku and Vegeta powered up so that he would sense them. Buu flies to Supreme Kai's planet where he battles Goku.

    During the middle of this fight, Kid Buu spit out something that looked like a piece of bubble gum, it turns out it was Fat Buu. Vegeta and Fat Buu take turns in trying to defeat the mighty Kid Buu. Unable to defeat Buu, Vegeta takes over the battle while Goku attempts to form a Spirit Bomb. While they were doing that Dende and Supreme Kai, travel to Namek where they use the Dragonballs to wish everyone who was killed by Buu back to life. Goku then uses the energy of both Earth and Namek to form the Ultimate Spirit Bomb. Powering up to SSJ, Goku throws the Spirit Bomb and finally destroys Kid Buu down to the last molecule.


    Buu is reincarnated because King Yemma owed Goku a favor. Buu is reborn as a young child named Uub from a small poor vilage. Uub enters the World Martial Arts Tournament. In this tournament Goku asks the original Majin Buu (who is now calling himself Mr. Buu) to make sure that he fights Uub. When the fight begins Uub is frightened. It is not until Goku starts making fun of his family that Uub starts to unleash his real power. Goku flies in to the air and realizes that Uub doesn't know how to fly yet. Goku offers to train Uub at Kami's Look Out. They train there for ten years.

    Powers & Abilities

    Super Buu:

    • Human Extinction Attack
    • Cannonball Attack
    • Destroy Everything!
    • Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
    • Super Kamehameha
    • Candy Beam
    • Vice Shout
    • Revenge Bomber
    • Gack!
    • Now it's my turn!
    • Regeneration
    • Galactic Donut
    • Absorption
    • Super Kamikaze Kamehameha
    • Body Manipulation
    • Matter Manipulation

    Kid Buu

    Kid Buu destroys the Earth
    Kid Buu destroys the Earth
    • Ki Blast
    • Absorption
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Body Manipulation and Regeneration
    • Planet Burst
    • Super Kamehameha
    • Chocolate Beam
    • Buu Rocket
    • Buu Ball
    • Healing
    • Nightmare Impact
    • Shocking Ball

    Other Media

    Majin Buu appears in most DB games. In Budokai 2, Kid Buu is the last opponent in story mode and also the hardest. Kid Buu also appears in the intro of Raging Blast where he is battling Future Trunks and Majin Vegeta.


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