Character » Maiden appears in 7 issues.

    Angel is working with Michael Iron to strike back at the Syndicate for the murder of her family.

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    Angel's father, John Chase, has run up one million dollars in gambling debt to Lester the Jester of the Syndicate. Big Daddy sends Iron, Joey Petunia, and Lester to collect on her fathers debt. Joey kills John Chase and his family, blows off Iron's right arm and kills Lester. Iron tries to save Angel and her family, but Joey shoots them both.

    Dr. Lubicus finds Angel badly wounded and brings her to safety. Upon Angels urging he saves Iron as well. Angel spend the following 3 months working as a stripper at the Baby Care Center trying to get information so he can plan her revenge. She also uses this money to support her and Dr. Lubicus while Iron is in a coma.

    When Iron finally wakes, Angel and Lubicus convince Iron to help them get revenge. Angel, while working at the strip club, discovers that Deadpan Louie and Drop Dead Mike are going to ambush Iron at the Tribune building, so she goes there to watch his back.


    Angel has had some training from her father, who was in the in the Special forces that gaurded the Section 67B: Super Soldier project. He was also trained by Fong.

    Angel has heightened agility, since she can avoid Drop Dead Mike: who has taken more speed enhancing rOid then any other person alive.

    Lubicus has also developed some of the weapons that Angel uses.


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