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    Mahkizmo was ruler of Machus, a warlike alternate future Earth where women are enslaved by men untill he was defeated by the Thing and Thundra.

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    Mahkizmo the Nuclear Man is the strong and chauvinistic ruler and leader of Machus, a future alternate reality Earth where men rule society and enslave woman, and male dominance and superiority is preached and permeates through society. As a parallel world and reality, the world of Femizonia held and existed almost in opposite to the world of Machus. On this planet of Femizonia, it is the woman who hold superiority and power over the men, where the men are the second class citizens. At some point the two worlds became aware of each other and war was the consequence. Not only that, but men on the female dominated world of Femizonia begun an uprising, inspired by their males from Machus, and the females on Machus were likewise inspired by the society on Femizonia, and both societies had to deal with war and conflict from within as well as externally. A champion of the Femizons, Thundra had been sent back in time, hoping to strike a strategic blow, by humbling man earlier, finding the strongest and greatest man of history and having Thundra defeat him, eliminating the possibility for such a world or society as Machus ever coming to be.  The leaders of Machus learning of the Femizons plans, likewise sending Mahkizmo back in time to prevent this and stop Thundra.   


    Mahkizmo is a Marvel comics character created Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler and he first appears in Fantastic Four #151 released in 1974. He essentially characterizes extreme chauvinism and misogyny, as well as serving as a nice parallel to Thundra, who was created as an extreme feminist. He also was designed to be the epitome of the male brute stereotype, savage and manly.  

    Major Story Arcs

    The Fantastic Four

    Mahkizmo arrived in the modern era, on his hunt for Thundra, and faced off against The Fantastic Four, soundly dealing with the Thing, Johnny Storm, and Mr Fantastic. In confrontation with Thundra he teleports the female warrior away to his home planet of Machus, and imprisons her against her will. The Fantastic Four had decided to follow both time displaced warriors however and the appear on the world of men, Machus using a time machine appropriated from Doctor Doom. Except again, Mahkizmo  and now his fellow warriors on Machus defeat the Fantastic Four yet again, with Mahkizmo even claiming then Fantastic Four member Medusa as a prize. the cunning Medusa manages to escape his clutches given the relaxed security as opposed to the cells where the other Fantastic Four members were being held. The rest of the team forced to fight in the Machus men built arena. Their powers and strength sapped due to a will killing energy ray, salvation comes with Medusa who had escaped and travelled to the world of the Femizons, Femizonia and recruiting a horde of female warriors to provide a necessary distraction and opposition to the men of Machus. Mahkizmo himself prepared to unleash his nuclear punch, but was double teamed by the Thing and Thundra incapacitating him, ending his threat.  

    Fantastic Foes

    Mahkizmo was one of the villains who had been incarcerated in the newly constructed Vault prison located in the Negative Zone, alongside other Fantastic Four foes Dragon Man, Hydro Man, Mad Thinker, Mole Man, Psycho Man, Red Ghost and his Super Apes, among others. A female villain named Threska manages at one point to release them all from their cells, and it falls to the Fantastic Four to stop them all.    

    Powers and Abilities

    Mahkizmo is extremely strong, possessing the strength to lift over 100 tons, and possesses a resistance to physical injury, having super human durability and resilience. Mahkizmo has the power of infusing his physical punches and strikes with a type of energy increasing their offense power. He refers to this as a nuclear punch. Mahkizmo can also release this explosive energy power in all directions omni-directionally. Mahkizmo is a seasoned and experienced fighter, and a savage brawler. Mahkizmo was considered not only the strongest male from Machus, but also the manliest man. Whatever that may entail.        
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 7'6" 
    Weight: 505 lbs 
    Hair: Brown 
    Eyes: Brown

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