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Throw in a little family drama to mix things up.

Check out my review for, Magnus Robot Fighter #0! Magnus meets his wife, Moira. However, she doesn't necessarily remember him!

Moira finds Magnus' story be a load of crap.
Moira finds Magnus' story be a load of crap.

So in this story, Magnus hooks up with some rebels/revolutionist, whom are led by his presumed dead wife, Moira. Things should be great for Magnus right now; except the fact that Moira doesn't even remember him and she's remarried. Ouch! Writer Fred Van Lente throws another curve ball at us, and Magnus [with this information], as he takes us deeper into this bizarre world.

After issue 0's fiasco, we are now back on track! I'll let you check out my review for that issue, as I don't want to go into the details again; in short, however, it was bad. This issue was a good move on Fred Van Lente's part, as the series is back on track! This issue worked better than the zero issue because, it focused on the characters that were already established, and not some creepy robot. Lente also built on more drama, or mystery, between Magnus and the robot controlled world. (i.e. like why exactly Moira is alive, but doesn't remember Magnus!) Fred Van Lente's use of mystery, a futuristic world ruled by robots, and attention to the characters' relationships between one another, all, contribute to the larger story and making this series great. I really like the dialogue between Magnus and HR8, as it is usually the funniest and adds dark humor to this world that seems to be deprived of life at times.

The artwork by Cory Smith is still top notch! Glad he's on this series!

5 out of 5, until the next one!

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