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Leeja vs. Magnus!

Last review from this series! Leeja Clane is on the hunt for Magnus!

The Good

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Fred Van Lente is doing quite an amazing job with this series; this issue is proof enough! With Magnus on the run from his robot captors, it is up to Leeja Clane to capture, or kill, Magnus. Those who have enjoyed the last two issues, will really enjoy this action packed one!

I enjoyed what Fred Van Lente did with this issue! He had two setup issues, and now we get a well planned fight between Magnus and Leeja. The two characters really did a good job at carrying this issue, and giving valid reasons on why each is either for or against the robots. It was very cool to see what Lente did with the two characters, the story, and how he threw in subtle curve balls with the minor characters to create plot twists that will certainly make big changes in the near future!

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What about the action? It was the bleep! For real though, I really enjoyed how it looked and how it added to the story. It was interesting to see more of Magnus' skills in combat and Leeja in combat as well. Her entire introduction in this issue was hilarious, with a theme song and everything! That element added to her character and made her fight against Magnus even better!

Cory Smith's artwork is, once again, perfect! He captures Magnus Robot Fighter's world perfectly and makes fight sequences look really good. If I had to compare his fight sequences with any other artist, I'd say it is much like Ryan Ottley from INVINCIBLE. Except less violent and more man v. machine, but still, it reminds me of Ottley's art. So I'm glad that Cory Smith can do a really good job at fight sequences, and make them look really cool!

The Bad

No complaints, another fantastic issue from Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith!

The Verdict

5 out of 5! If you are looking for a complex world ruled by robots, then look no further than Magnus Robot Fighter. Fred Van Lente's story has been good so far, and he's followed through with an action packed brawl between Magnus and Leeja. As things continue to get extremely complicated for Magnus, it's hard to think how things are going to get worse?! But trust me, it will! I HIGHLY recommend this series! NEXT REVIEW!

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