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More story setup!

LAST REVIEW FROM THIS SERIES! Writer Fred Van Lente and artist Cory Smith join Magnus on another action packed issue!

The Good

Very interesting!
Very interesting!

In this issue, Magnus is in jail behind enemy lines in a robot infested society that lords over humans. Being interrogated for information on the whereabouts of 1A; Magnus is just trying to make sense of this society and his new "abilities." So far, writer Fred Van Lente has done an incredible job with this series!

Fred Van Lente's story continues to immerse me in this complex world! I like how it's a post-apocalyptic society where robots give humans commands, and mostly everyone is okay with that. Why? Because of some big war and destroying the planet, so the robots are our managers now. It sounds really basic, but it is quite interesting. Lente's story in this issue mainly focuses on that element, but it is interesting to see how Magnus sees how wrong it is for the humans and the robots not being equals. And how many humans are trying to stop "Robot Fighters" such as Magnus.

Only human.
Only human.

One of the things I enjoy about this series is its many characters. I'll use Magnus as a good example. The character has no super powers [from what I know up to this point], but he is crazy good at martial arts and has the ability to sense the weak points of a robot [which may or may not be a superpower]. Anyway, I just enjoyed how Fred Van Lente addressed this point. Magnus knows he's not anyone, necessarily special, but is totally fine with that and I enjoy seeing how the character is portrayed very human. Like in this issue, Magnus tore through a bunch of robots with just his bare hands and he's seen actually tired from it. It's a minor thing, however it is good to see that the consistency of "being human" stays in every area of the character. That is what I call a job well done!

The artwork by Cory Smith is incredible! He does an outstanding job making the world look futuristic and strange, all at the same time! His style fits this series like a glove, and you can really tell he pays attention to detail when Magnus kicks the robots -bleep- [it's a reference to the series, duh] in this issue! It was marvelous!

The Bad

No complaints!

The Verdict

If you need a reason to check out this series, read the first issue. It'll tell you whether or not you'll like Magnus Robot Fighter. That's my best advice for new readers. 5 out of 5, until the next issue!

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