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The Torch Is Passed

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Under another sweet Frank Miller cover, Chapter Four of Unity again strays from the Battle in the Lost Land. Taking the reader instead to 4001A.D. where we learn about the Origins of the Unity Complex which it turns out is actually the Future City of San Gabriel.
We also learn that Erica Pierce and her "Son" Prince Albert had at first gone to the future of 4001 A.D. before heading to the Lost Land to begin Unity. Magnus plays a negligible role in this tale which actually focus's more on Erica Pierce and Rokkie Tate the Geomancer of 4001A.D.

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The Story:
       In the Future City of North-AM young Rokkie Tate is approached by a strange old Woman..
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She Explains that she is a Geomancer and has chosen Rokkie as her successor..
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Also present in 4001 A.D. is Prince Albert "Son" of Erica Pierce A.K.A. "The Mothergod"
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More or less a captive Prince Albert never disobeys Erica..
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Erica plots against the Heroes of 4001 A.D. including a still living Dr.Solar..
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Erica explains her plans and reasoning to Prince Albert..
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Erica decides to bring her legions of Followers from 4001 A.D. along with her to the Lost Land.. 
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Meanwhile Rokkie Tate's first mission as the new Geomancer is to gather up Heroes of 4001 A.D. to send to the Lost Land and prevent Unity. His first recruit is a mind-wiped Eternal Warrior...
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Once Gilad's memories are restored they go in search of more help...
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Ready for Unity at last Erica addresses the people of San Gabriel and then..
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San Gabriel is moved to the Lost Land...Forever.
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Gilad and Rokkie recruit the New Rai Japan's Spirit Guardian and then head off to find....
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Magnus, who as Chapter Four draws to a close appears to be utterly defeated at the claws of the Indestructible robot Talpa

The Good:
The best part of this issue for me is the setting of 4001 A.D. Magnus's home time period is one of my favorite "Alternate Futures" in Comics. Beyond that it's just another great chapter in the Unity whole.

The Bad:
This Issue's art doesn't take my breath away but it doesn't get in the stories way either.

The Verdict 5/5:
Like every Issue in the Unity crossover it gets my highest possible recommendation. The Early Valiant Magnus issues are all Awesome and should be sought out as well.

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