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In a beautifully futuristic world full of danger, advanced technology, and robots; a robot fighter is born!

Written by Fred Van Lente with artwork by Cory Smith, this is Magnus: Robot Fighter!

The Good

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"Wow!" The first response I had when finishing this first issue. Writer Fred Van Lente created a beautiful and futuristic world that makes me wonder how humans have gotten this advanced and what society is like in these strange times. With what I've seen in this issue some humans and robots live in harmony together, but another faction looks to use robots to their advantage to enforce strict rules. My words don't do this book enough justice! As this is a really great book that has many layers; to which I hope get to be explored in the near future.

Magnus, the main protagonist, is setup really cool by Lente. Showing him off as a teacher and husband; just trying to do the best and make his species and the robot species just live in peace together. Throwing the curveball of this other strict faction makes things really interesting and we already in this issue get to see what Magnus is made of. In short, he's someone to not be trifled with!

The artwork by Cory Smith is really awesome! From the first page, I was automatically hypnotized by this lush world that was being drawn right in front of me. Both the writing and artwork play a key part in fully enjoying this series!

The Bad


The Verdict

Magnus: Robot Fighter is an interesting title! It has a little bit of something for everyone in terms of story (complex characters, really cool story, and great creative team). Overall 5 out of 5 highly recommend! Until the next issue!!

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