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Lord Harald Jaekelsson a powerful cursed viking from 1000 AD, appears in modern day New York, and with his ship of cursed Viking's they proceed to utterly destroy and cut a path through concrete and flesh alike in New York, with even the mighty Avengers and US military failing to stop them. Doctor Strange and Thor took it upon themselves to find warriors though out time who had the required blood linage to be able to harm the cursed Vikings. Magnus of the Danes, a Teutonic Knight was one such warrior.  
Just before he is pulled into the time stream, he had just finished slaughtering a village of heathen unbelievers, and is about to be sent to France to spread the word of God. He is paired with Sigrid the Viking and Erik Loonroth a World War 2 pilot.   


 Created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry, Magnus of the Danes first appears in Thor Vikings released in 2003. He belongs to Marvel comics.   

Powers and Abilities

Brandishes a large sword and heavy armor, Magnus would cut a swathe though fellow warriors whom he would fight against in the name of God. Magnus blood linage enabled him to harm immortal Vikings that were powered by rune magic. 

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