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    Magni is the son of Lord Thor and Amora the Enchantress and the Asgardian God of Strength. Caring for humanity as his father once had, he used Mjolnir to inspire his father to become a hero once more.

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    Magni - Son of Thor
    Magni - Son of Thor

    Magni is the son of Thor, Lord of Asgard, and Amora the Enchantress. He was born into a politically tumultuous New Asgard during the year 2020. Balder placed his life in danger when he was only an infant. Betraying Thor, Balder helped Captain America and his forces to enter into Thor's palace, and took Magni hostage. Threatening to kill his son and heir if he didn't return Asgard to it's rightful plane, Balder was killed by Loki allowing Thor to destroy his enemies unmolested. Then Thor's reign began.

    Magni was raised in Asgard as a prince, just as his father had been before him. He indulged in activities like weapons training, riding lessons on their winged steeds, and classes in the lores of Magic. He ended up growing to be very similar to his father in personality and also in appearance. While Thor took care of running the kingdom, Magni traveled the lands rescuing humans and helping them, much as his father had done during his own youth. Although he loved his father dearly, Magni did not normally agree with him. He greatly disapproved of the way he allowed Loki to treat the humans under his rule. Yet, both out of loyalty and love, Magni would never speak out against his father. Then events began to take place that changed that fact.


    Magni's 616 version was created by Roy Thomas and Keith Pollard and first appeared in Thor Vol.1 issue 293 (1980). The character only appeared in 2 comics in total.

    It was Dan Jurgens and Scot Eaton that created the more known version of Magni from reality 3515. This version first appeared as an infant in Thor Vol.2 issue 68 (2003) and as an adult in Thor Volume 2 issue 70 (2003).

    Major Story Arcs

    Path to Mjolnir

    Magni wielding Mjolnir
    Magni wielding Mjolnir

    Upon his arrival in the year 2170, Thailfi rescued the human girl Jordahl, setting the stage for her later interactions with Magni. While running from Loki's security forces, she bumped into Magni. Dismissing the guards, Magni decided to spend the day with her not realizing how it would affect him. Over the course of their time together Magni took her out, spoke with her about the Kingdom, and even met her mother. Through Jordahl he was able to truly understand how many of the humans viewed his father's rule. Realizing how despised and feared their presence truly was, Magni found himself truly doubting his people's place on Earth. His next mission for the kingdom would only further confuse him. Traveling with the Warriors Three and Thailfi to quell a rebellion in a village, he was appalled to find that their fear was warranted. Watching as the Warriors Three began to slaughter the villagers without even attempting to find a peaceful solution, he was shocked and filled with outrage. Ordering the Warriors to lay down their weapons, he attempted to process the information while talking to the villagers one reveals himself to be a suicide bomber. Magni manages to smother the bomb, absorbing the punishment of the blast. (A testament to his own impressive durability) Together these events troubled him greatly.

    Afterwards, Thaifli confronted Magni urging him to see the error of his Father's ways, having himself already been convinced that the Asgardians needed to leave Earth. Magni leaves Thaifli and goes to seek solace and council from Jordahl. When he arrives he finds her house and village in shambles, and that she is missing. When one of the villagers accuse Magni himself, having claimed to seen him, of taking Jordahl away Magni recognizes the work of his uncle Loki. Discovering that Loki has used his magics to impersonate him and take Jordahl to the reconditioning camp. Rushing there he was able to rescue Jorhahl, and in his anger he completely destroyed the camp. This shook his belief in New Asgard to it's very core, deepening his doubt about his father's rule.

    Magni takes Jordahl to Sif, who lives in an mountain range after her banishment, to be taken care of and also for advice. She tells him stories of when his father had been a noble hero in Midgard during Asgard's golden days while Odin ruled. She also reveals the reason for her banishment, disagreeing with Thor, Amora, and Loki about the infiltration of Earth. Taking his leave of her, Magni then returns to New Asgard, arriving just in time to learn of Thaifli and Kya's failed assasination attempt on Thor. Thaifli is quickly killed, but Magni is in time to witness the death of Kya. Witnessing the beginning of her execution Magni prepared to rescue Kya, though he was stopped as she used her Magics to contact him telepathically and disuade him. Upon her death Kya's spirit then spoke to Magni, urging him to follow. With the last of her power Kya led Magni to a lost weapon of myth, his father's hammer Mjolnir.

    Redemption of a King

    Magni found himself able to lift the hammer, himself being worthy. He also discovered that he could instinctively use it for many tasks. Magni discovered how to use flight, throw and recall the hammer almost instantly. (Though he may have been testing it from stories he heard as a child.) Returning to Sif, he was quickly tutored in the uses of the Hammer learning in addition how to

    traverse Dimensions. Traveling to Old Asgard, Magni and Sif are confronted by one of his father's old foes Ulik. They discover from him that Asgard did not last long after the Gods departure. Without the Odinpower in the realm eternal, it quickly began to die.

    Armed with that knowledge, Sif and Magni next use Mjolnir to travel to New Asgard. Finding Thor newly risen from the Odinsleep they confront him. Magni and Sif argue that Thor has stunted and hindered the growth of humanity and should immediately leave. Thor is understandably displeased by being questioned by his son and defends himself, also questioning why Sif has returned from her banishment. Magni throws his father off-guard when he challenges him to lift his old weapon and prove his worthiness and the righteousness of his actions. If he can, Magni will retract his statements and continue to follow his father. Knowing he had forfeited his worthiness with the murder of Jake Olsen, Thor continues to stall. In the end, the argument is disrupted by the return of Desak who wastes no time attacking both of them .

     Magni, Thor and Loki face Desak
    Magni, Thor and Loki face Desak

    Magni is unable to defeat Desak, despite his use of Mjolnir, and likewise Odinpowered Thor is also unable to best him. In response to the threat, Loki unleashes the Destroyer to defeat their foe, who unknown to anyone but himself is powered by the Designate. Desak, however, is able to recognize that his creator is powering the Destroyer. Using his amulet he releases Designate, who prepares to stand against him against the Asgardian gods. While Magni faces off against Designate, Desak dons the Destroyer Armor and confronts Thor. Upon learning that Loki used Designate to power the Destroyer, Thor re-examines his own actions and realizes the truth in everyones accusations about his rule of Earth. While attempting to attack the Desak powered Destroyer, Magni is injured by Designate. His mother Amora works alongside Sif to carry him to safety and care, at Thor's behest. Realizing his mistakes, and wanting to protect his family, Thor finds himself able to wield Mjolnir and is able to dispatch Desak. After consulting with Designate, Thor decides he needs to return to the past and fix his mistakes. Freezing time, he wishes Magni a fond farewell, before returning to the past to set it right. Once Thor changed the past, Magni and his time ceased to exist, though Thor will always remember his son.

    Powers and Abilities

     Magni - Son of Thor
    Magni - Son of Thor

    Magni is an Asgardian male with physiological traits common to all Asgardians. Magni possesses superhuman strength that allows him to lift well over 100 tons. His incredibly dense body granted him a high resistance to injury. His Asgardian physiology granted him great stamina, quick reflexes, an extremely long life span, and immunity to all Earthly diseases. Magni's position as the Norse god of strength granted him superhuman strength that rivaled that of his own father, Thor (he effortlessly lifted and dropped a tower on Desak).

    As prince of New Asgard and a warrior in its service, Magni received training in the Asgardian arts of war granting him a high degree of proficiency in armed and unarmed combat.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Magni wore a suit of Asgardian armor similar to the one his father Thor wore during his early days as lord of Asgard. Magni occasionally used one of New Asgard's many winged horses for transportation.

    Magni gained possession of his father's legendary uru hammer Mjolnir, which had several enchantments. Magni demonstrated the ability to throw the hammer and have it magically return to him, fly by throwing it and holding onto its leather thong, and create dimensional portals. Upon gaining Mjolnir, Magni discovered that he instinctively knew how to use it for basic things. The Lady Sif

    instructed him on how to traverse dimensions with it. Still, his proficiency with the hammer may be assumed to be far less than his father's.

    Before gaining Mjolnir, Magni favored various types of axes in combat.


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