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A trade paperback that collects the entire Magneto War story arc, including the X-Men: Magneto War one-shot, X-Men #85-87, and Uncanny X-Men #366-367. Also reprints Magneto Rex, a three-issue limited series follow-up to Magneto War.

The X-Men save victims from a burning hospital while Magneto sets into motion a plan to hold the entire world hostage. Later, a fraction of the Acolytes lead by Fabian Cortez assault the Xavier Institute to try to divine the true nature of Joseph, but are rebuffed by the X-Men.

Meanwhile, the true Magneto holds court over his remaining, most-trusted Acolytes, including Amelia Voght. He sets the Acolytes on a mission to vandalize genetics laboratories across North America, with the X-Men in pursuit. With the X-Men distracted, Magneto powers an electro-magnetic pulse wave that slowly covers the Earth, rendering all electronics useless! Magneto dispenses Ferris to the UN to issue his random demands - a terrestrial safe haven for mutants

In Israel, Joseph learns he is an exact genetic copy of Magneto, but that he is the duplicate rather than the original. Before he can process the information, he is incapacitated by Astra. She later reveals that she was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants, and is Joseph's "mother," having fostered his birth based on a genetic sample of Magneto she took after he was ejected from Asteroid M. After his birth Astra tried to have the younger, less-inhibited Joseph kill Magneto at the time, but a gravely injured Magneto was able to escape.

The X-Men catch up to the Acolytes near Magneto's base a the magnetic North Pole, but their Blackbird is grounded by the EMP wave. They watch helplessly as Russian nukes detonate against Magneto in the distance. Professor X lures the Acolytes out of their jet, and the X-Men quickly subdue them and steal the vehicle

Astra and Joseph slip into Magneto's sanctum while his attention is focused on containing the nuclear blast. Magneto nearly kills Astra, but Joseph intervenes.

The X-Men arrive to separate the two Magnetos, and while they distract Astra and Magneto Joseph repairs the damage to the Earth's magnetosphere caused by Magneto and the nuclear blast. The effort rapidly ages him, and he ultimately sacrifices himself to completely heal the planet.

With the X-Men and Magneto at an impasse, Genoshian Ambassador Dr. Alda Huxley arrives with a UN envoy. She is authorized to offer Magneto the war-torn country of Genosha as his mutant sanctuary. He accepts, as the X-Men slink away - they won the battle, but lost a major milestone in Xavier's ideological war with Magneto.

In Genosha, Magneto finds that ending the civil war involves more than just silencing humans - a mutate rebel leader named Zealot is intent on challenging him to become to sovereign ruler of the country. Magneto feels his abilities waning in the wake of holding the planet hostage, and has Genoshan mutate Pipeline fetch Fabian Cortez to enhance his powers.

Amelia Voght brings Quicksilver to Genosha, but he is quickly abducted by Zealot's forces. Rogue arrives independently to reason with Magneto, but is soon embroiled in the efforts to free Quicksilver (which Magneto professes to have no interest in).

As Amelia, Rogue, and Quicksilver face Zealot's rebel forces, Magneto intervenes - firing Zealot into the depths of space! Quicksilver confronts Magneto about his imperious actions, and decides to stay in Genosha to keep an eye on Magneto. Rogue, her kindness rebuffed by Magneto, returns to the X-Men.

After Magneto's chamber empties he shares a moment alone with Amelia Voght. She convinced Quicksilver to stay exactly as they had planned, but Magneto remains willing to dispose of him if he proves too much of a burden. Nothing matters now, except for using Genosha to achieve his dream of mutant-kind's ascension as the dominant species.

A mutant with a similar goal lurks in the shadows of Genosha. Yet, where Magneto sees the approach of an age of mutants, Apocalypse sees the coming of the end times.


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A trade paperback that collects the entire Magneto War story arc, including the X-Men: Magneto War one-shot, X-Men #85-87, and Uncanny X-Men #366-367. Also reprints Magneto Rex, a three-issue limited series follow-up to Magneto War. By 1999 Magneto had been in mothballs for six years – since late in 1993, when Professor Xavier wiped his memory in the confrontation that left Wolverine sans his adamantium skeleton. In comics, six years is a long time – long enough that half a generation of new ...

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