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A weak Rogue makes for a weak issue

I hoped the first issue of the Magneto Rex mini was leading to some interesting developments, but this one is just weak.

The entire plot hinges on Rogue being a helpless, ineffectual romantic, and nothing pisses me off more in an X-book than Rogue being miscast as damsel in distress. Are we really to believe a combo of Amelia Voght and Rogue can't swipe Quicksilver off of the stage as a D-list mutate rally? Also, Rogue is fixated on an inspecific-but-awesome version of Magneto that we as readers haven't seen for over a hundred issues, when really she should be broken up about the recent death of her teammate and companion Joseph. And, finally, Quicksilver needs to save her from a plasma rifle and she can't handle a gaggle of mutates in an alley?

Past my Rogue-related problems, there's not a lot to respond to here. Magneto gets one page of awesome as he brings down a satellite to destroy a fighter jet, but his actions are still more selfishly motivated than in the interest of his newfound millions of charges in Genosha. Voght is cut down by bullets, but waves away concern, since they didn't hit any vital organs (which is consistent with her powers, at least). Quicksilver doesn't do anything useful

Penciler Brandon Peterson has a better handle on differentiating his women than in the prior issue, but I still find his art annoyingly over-lined and his characters awkward. 
In the continuity category, there's an art or coloring error on the first spread that makes it look like Zealot has poked out Quicksilver's eyes! Also, Rogue seems to lay a pretty heavy kiss on Magneto to come away just with a headache full of memories. I suppose I can fanwank that Magneto has always been able to resist Rogue's abilities, but really Peterson should have rendered it a more ginger peck. 
Bottom Line
Not a good issue for fans of Rogue, and there's little else going on.

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