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    Pol Krinn is Magnetic Kid, the brother of Cosmic Boy. Magnetic Kid was a student of the Legion Academy and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    The character called Magnetic Kid was created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte and his first appearance was in Adventure Comics Adventure Comics #335 - Starfinger, August 1965.


    Silver Age

    The power of Magnetism
    The power of Magnetism

    Pol Krinn is a native of the 31st century planet of Braal, where all of its natives are born with the ability to manipulate and generate magnetism. Pol Krinn's brother is Rokk Krinn, and known to the world as Cosmic Boy, the founder of the Legion Of Super-Heroes. The Krinn family moved from Braal to Earth to be close to Cosmic Boy.

    After many years on Earth the Krinn family enjoyed time together whenever Rokk was off duty, with Pol idolizing his older brother. Those times of joy would be abruptly stopped forever as three criminals would use an old extortion scheme known as 'fireballing' and decimate a few of the neighborhoods including one where Rokk's family lived. Pol and their father barely survive were hospitalized for a long period of time, their mother however dies from extreme radiation poisonings.

    After a full recovery, Pol's view on life changes and he decides to learn how to use his gifts to fight crime. He enrolls and enters the Legion Academy and follow in Cosmic Boy's footsteps, even donning his brother's old costume. In the Legion Academy, Pol developed vast improvements to his magnetic abilities and took on the name Magnetic Kid, as was tradition in the Legion Academy to take on a superhero name. While in the Legion Academy, Magnetic Kid formed close friendships with Tellus and Shadow Lad.

    Major Story Arcs

    Legion Membership

    "Heroism is in the family"

    During a recruitment drive when the Legion of Super-Heroes was found wanting for new members, as its founding members including Pol's brother Cosmic Boy announced their retirement. Various of Pol's fellow alumni at the Academy applied for the try outs with Pol formerly adopting the title of Magnetic Kid. After being reviewed Pol was sent with a small squad of applicants alongside Brainiac-5 to assist with a section of the city sinking into the ocean. This is where Pol shined, as during the live trial he was able to use of his magnetic powers to stop the sinking of the area of the city that had been sinking. At the final voting Pol was accepted into the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes, following his brothers path as a hero. During this time period since Cosmic Boy had taken an extended leave from the team, making the brothers never serve on the team together.

    Magic Wars

    Magnetic Kid was killed in the line of duty, sacrificing himself, when the Legion of Super-Heroes were involved in the Magic Wars, where magic prevailed over science. Pol Krinn sacrificed himself so that the Sorcerer's World could be opened and all the Legionnaires could fight the source of the problem. A statue has been erected in his honor along with other fallen Legionnaires in Shanghalla.


    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black
    • Gender: Male

    Powers and Abilities

    Magnetic Kid is a Braalian and, like all natives of Braal, has the ability to generate and manipulate magnetism. Magnetic Kid has extensive training thanks to his time in the Legion Academy and has some skills in unarmed combat and a unique approach to learn different applications of his magnetism.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

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    As both a student of the Legion Academy and than a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes Pol wore a Legion Flight Ring. The ring gave the wearer various functions at their disposal. First and foremost the ability to fly and the speed and range would be determined by the wearers will power. It had the capacity to act at a universal translator, a navigational compass, long range communicator, distress beacon, all while being powered by a micro computer system within the ring itself.


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