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    Magneta is the Mistress of Magnetism. She idolizes Magneto. It has been hinted that she may be Anya Lehnsherr, Magneto's first born daughter, who died in mainstream continuity in a fire.

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    Character biography

    When J2 was invited to join a new superhero team, he was met by Magneta, the "Mistress of Magnetism". She was a mutant who idolized Magneto, and used her own magnetic powers to emulate him. She offered J2 the chance to stand by her side against the forces of evil, a force they would attack proactively (as long as he pledged his blind obedience to her). When he refused, she attacked him. However, she ended her battle when J2's team A-Next came to find him.

    Later, she invited J2 to come with her to visit his father's old partner in-crime Black Tom, willing to forgive his past actions against her. She also invited Wild Thing, as she felt that both heroes' fathers had been either a friend or a foe of the villainous Black Tom. But it was a trick, Black Tom was actually a hypnotist called Enthralla, hidden behind an illusion. Enthralla hypnotized Magneta, hoping to reform the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Magneta. J2 broke Enthralla's hold on Magneta, and Magneta wasted no time in using her powers to subdue Enthralla.

    Later, Magneta tried to form a team of female mutants, including Wild Thing, and a vaporous mutant named Daze, and tricked J2 and Wolverine into coming to Madripoor and testing Daze's powers in battle. Magneta stated that she wished to form the greatest team of heroes in the world.

    However, in Last Planet Standing, Magneta apparently abandoned her quest against evil, when she joined forces with the Revengers (an evil version of A-Next) and began an attack on Avengers mansion.

    Magneta next appears in Amazing Spider-Girl #22, having assembled a "Sisterhood of Mutants".


    Magneta possesses the power to generate and manipulate magnetic fields, and ability that enables her to move, levitate, and reshape ferrous metals without any physical contact. Magneta can focus her magnetic energies into blasts of pure force. She can also fly via magnetic levitation, by generating a magnetic field of equal polarity to the Earth's geomagnetic field, causing the planet itself to repel her upwards. She has also shown that she can generate psionic blasts that can blind an opponent by temporarily disrupting the vision centers of their brain.


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