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    Powerful New God and protector of New Genesis.

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    Magnar is one of New Genesis' mightiest warriors capable of handling his own against the likes of Superman and Orion. He monitors boom tubes between Earth and the Fourth World, engaging and subduing Apokoliptian agents unfortunate enough to cross his path. He once came across Superman, with both men thinking the other one was an agent of Darkseid. They engaged in a battle until realising they were on the same side. In this fight Magnar was able to match the man of steel with his magna force.

    Magnar was one of the first victims of the Infinity man when he began killing the New Gods, and was the first dead God to actually be discovered by the residents of New Genesis, who were dumbfounded how someone could defeat the mighty Magnar without any trouble.


    Magnar is a powerful New God who utilises magnetism to enhance his strength and durability to the point of being able to match Superman and Orion blow for blow. He is capable of channeling the magnetic force of as many plantery bodies as needed to attain the level of power he needs. His powers also allow him to fly and lift others in his magnetic trail.

    He refers to his power as Magna-Force.


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