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    Character » Magna Defender appears in 12 issues.

    Michael "Mike" Corbett is the second Magna Defender.

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    Special Black Ranger Mike Corbett (portrayed by Russell Lawrence), was the older brother to Red Galaxy Ranger Leo. Mike was suppose to be the original Red Galaxy Ranger but after the split on the ground on planet Mirinoi, he passed on the Red Quaser Saber to Leo. Believed to be dead, Mike discovered the Magna Defender Spirit and was able to make it out alive. The spirit later left him granting him the abilities of the Magna Defender. As the Magna Defender, Mike possessed the Magna Defender Morpher and his signature Magna Blaster. He also controlled the Torozord and the Defender Torozord.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers Legacy Wars (2017)

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    Game Bio: Michael “Mike” Corbett was the one intended to be the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger. However, an ensuing battle forces him to hand the saber to his younger brother, Leo Corbett, as he falls into an abyss to his assumed death. He is later revived and becomes the second Magna Defender after the original Magna Defender sacrificed his life to save Terra Venture.

    Released: 7/12/2017

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (2019)

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    Game Bio: The first Magna Defender possessed the body of Michael "Mike" Corbett in order to seek revenge against the warlord Scorpius. After sacrificing himself to save Terra Venture, the spirit of Magna Defender gave the Magna Blaster to Mike, making Mike the second Magna Defender.


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