Character » Magmaniac appears in 21 issues.

    A hired bodyguard for Machine Head. Magmaniac is able to turn his body into a molten magma-humanoid form.

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    Nobody knows the true identity or the origin of the villain Magmaniac. He began his criminal career seven years ago with a series of deadly robberies and has left a trail of molten destruction in his wake ever since. The "human volcano" specializes in robbing banks by burning through vault doors. Magmaniac is a ruthless criminal, responsible for the deaths of security guards, bank tellers, armored car drivers and innocent witnesses. After incinerating an entire police SWAT team in Houston, Texas, Magmaniac caught the attention of the spectacularly unsuccessful villain group The Masters of Terror. He was recruited by the Masters, but within weeks was stewing in a special prison cell after a botched heist. Fortunately for him, Magmaniac was teleported out of his holding cell by Isotope, the right-hand man of the crimelord Machine Head. Magmaniac began working as a bodyguard for Machine Head shortly before a decisive battle with the Guardians of the Globe and Invincible. During the fight, Magmaniac was defeated by the miniature hero Shrinking Ray. Once again Magmaniac languished in a special cell, unable to use his deadly magma powers - for now.

    After being released from prison along with Tether Tyrant; both men tried to live the normal civilian life and trying not to commit any crimes. However, realizing that the normal life does not suit them they decided to go back to their old ways. After their fight with Invincible, they joined with Titan and went to their old boss, Machine Head to take him down. While they were fighting their old boss, one of his henchmen; Vault attacked Magmanic and was able to kill him by destroying his consciousness while in lave form, thus ending his life, much to Tether Tyrant's dismay.

    Character Information

    Height: 5' 10"

    weight: 170 lbs

    Eyes: Orange

    Hair: None

    Strength level: In his unaltered humaniod form, Magmaniac possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

    Known superpowers

    Magmaniac possesses the ability to convert all or part of his body into a malleable molten magma like substance by mental command. The portions of his body thus affected take on the physical characteristics of molten lava, and are capable of generating heat anywere in the range 700'C to 1200'C. He can shape his thickly viscous, molten-like-body into any continuous shape he can imagine. He can also project the fiery, lava-like material outwards from his bodyat high speeds as a torrent of super-heated magma. Although Magmaniac loses mass from his body as his molten form "drips" particles of lava-like material, this does not affect him in any adverse way. He continually reconstitutes himself replacing any lost mass almoust instantaneously. He is capable of increasing his overall size and volume or extending his arms and legs to some unknown limit. It is unknown how long Magmaniac remains in his magma like state; however, when rendered unconscious he will revert to his normal human form.


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