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An engineer, Darque ran his own mining company using innovative methods and machinery of his own design.  Hassled by environmentalists, he ignored them until the day his wife died in a car crash, plunging off a cliff as she tried to avoid demonstrators at one of his excavation sites.  Eventually a class action suit was filed against his company and he was forced to shut down.  He decided to gain vengeance on the ignorant society that put him out of business and took his wife. 
Becoming Magma, he established an underground headquarters and practiced various methods of releasing "dormant tensions within the earth."  The eruption of Mt. St. Helens a "little experiment" of his, and with that beneath his belt, he planned to destroy New York City unless he was paid one hundred million dollars.  Fortunately the heroes Iron Man and Spider-Man were able to foil his plan.


Magma's costume provides him with superhuman strength.  His magma gun fires both liquid lava and red-hot rocks "faster than the speed of sound," which enables them to "pass through a two-foot block of titanium steel."  Magma's helmut fires destructive blasts of "geothermal energy." 
The supervillain also has various vessels, including high-tech tanks, hovercrafts and huge burrowers.


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