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    Tom Cargill is a son of the sorcerer Cagliostro and inherited the powers of his father. He originally used his powers while in service during the Vietnam War. He later returned to civilian life and moved in with Kilkenny, his former sergeant.

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    When the infamous 18th century Italian sorcerer, Count Alessandro Cagliostro, is arrested as a witch, his son escapes.  Possessing the same great powers as his father, he does not use them for fear that they will get him into trouble.  Since he does not age, the young man goes from country to country, doing odd jobs before joining the U.S. Army in 1962 to serve in Vietnam.  He is so distraught by the death of his buddies that he breaks his vow not to use magic.  Putting together a costume from theatrical supplies on the post, he battles the Viet Cong as Magicman


    Among the powers he brings to bear are flight at slow or super speeds, firing exposive bolts from his fingertips, super strength, controlling the winds, creating illusions, making objects disappear, compelling people to tell the truth, and melting everything from tanks to metal bars.  Obviously, Magicman's weaknesses are few, although he can be briefly stunned by nerve gas or a strong blow from anyone who can get close enough to land one.


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