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Background Information

Magic School is an academic institution used for mastering magic. It is one of two schools of this nature known to exist; the other is Newrestic College of the Magical Arts. The school was created by the Elders to better train witches who otherwise would be left to discover their powers on their own, which could be a harsh thing.  The destruction of Atlantis was in direct relation to untrained witches, along with many other catastrophes.  

Upon its construction Magic School and its grounds were cloaked and shielded to hide its location. It was also made impossible to die at Magic School as a way to protect vulnerable students during their studies and against any possible attacks by Demons or Warlocks.

Although Magic School is predominantly a place for Witches, other good creatures are able to learn ways to master their own unique abilities, or about magic in general.  

A founder by the name of Gideon was made headmaster of the school, and continued to do so for thousands of years.   Teachers who served at the school for many years include Mrs. Winterbourne, Mr. Feeney, and Sigmund.   When Gideon was killed by Leo Wyatt the school was closed. Paige Matthews soon took and the responsibilities of running the school and keeping the school in check after much pleading with the Elders. With Paige as Headmistress she hired a new staff which included Drake de Mon (who became a love interest for Phoebe Halliwell) and Miss Donovan. Soon she resigned as Headmistress and Leo Wyatt took over the position.  

Demons Take Over

Eventually when Leo had to take up a new identity to protect the Charmed Ones, Magic School was left unprotected and was taken over by Demons lead by Zankou. It was used as hub for dark magic for quite some time and demons even tried to resurrect the original Source in the School; The Charmed Ones were able to reclaim the school and Leo became Headmaster once again.  

Later, when Billie and Christy Jenkins betray the Charmed Ones, they use the school as a base. They work with multiple Demons and the Triad in an attempt to destroy the Power of Three. When Billie switches allegiance the Charmed Ones are able to reclaim the school.


Structural Design

The school is made up of a very large and extensive Library, a never-ending hallway, classrooms, dungeons, student housing, a hidden cave and a nursery.    

Staff, Students and Classes


Astral Projection 
Advanced Combat 
Telekinetic Orbing 
Advance Magic 
History of Magic 
Medieval Weaponry   
Modern Magic Advanced Magical Compositions 

Teachers and Other Staff

Leo Wyatt – Headmaster  
Gideon – (Former) Headmaster 
Paige Matthews – (Former) Headmistress 
Drake de Mon – (Former) Literature  
Ms. Donovan - Librarian 
Mrs. Winterbourne – Nursery 
Mr. Monkeyshines – (Former) Literature 
Mr. Feeney – Telekinesis   
Sigmund – Advanced Magic  


Important Students

Duncan (Conjurer),  Zachary (Telepath), Enola (Shaman), Slick (Shapeshifter), Herman (Conjurer), Sara (Telekinetic Witch), Wyatt Halliwell (Piper and Leo’s Son – Whitelighter/Witch) and  Matthew Halliwell (Future Grandson of Piper and Leo – Whitelighter/Witch).

Interesting Fact: Magic school was also the location of the marriage of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop.    


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