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    The magic mirror from Snow White.

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    Foretells the future for those that will listen, but does so in a way that the future events are often misread.


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    He mostly speaks in rhymes and when asked for his advice, he says it needs to be in a rhyme. Flycatcher asked him many times if he had found his family. But due to knowing the truth, the Mirror and many of the Fabletown members would lie so not to traumatize Flycatcher.

    Bufkin once asked him if he knew where the key to the liquor cabinet was, but he didn't answer because of Bufkin's bad rhyming.

    Prince Charming once asked if he would the election Burning Questions, though the Mirror in a clever rhyme answered Charming didn't do a thing to earn his vote. When

    Jack asked for Bluebeard's treasures, he tried in free verse. However, the Mirror rejected that form.

    The Mirror is used in the Witches arc, when she attempted to use his magic to retrieve her old powers. But when the Mirror foresaw that she'd be doomed soon. She became angry and tried to break him. He goes to say that Bufkin will defeat her, which he did with help of Frankenstein's monster, the Barleycorn women, and the Wooden soldiers' heads.


    In issues #637 and #638 of Archie, the gang is transported to a magical kingdom where they replace the versions of the fairy tales characters. Sabrina Spellman becomes the mirror.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    He appears in the game The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games.

    In the Kingdom Hearts saga, he became an Unversed by the Queen.


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