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    Maggie is maybe the most intelligent baby of all the generations of the Simpsons clan, and the daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson.

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    Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is a character in The Simpsons. She is the youngest and least seen of the five main family members, and is eternally a baby. She first appeared in the Tracey Ullman short "Good Night" and was quite prominent during the Ullman days, often being featured alongside Bart and Lisa. Maggie has since become the least seen of the five main Simpsons.

    Maggie's worst enemy is the one eyebrowed baby name Baby Gerald from across the street. She doesn't like other babies for unknown reasons.

    Maggie once shot Charles Montgomery Burns in the two-parts episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?". In various episodes it was revealed that Maggie write such words and formulas as "Maggie Simpson" and "E=mc2".


    Maggie Simpson was born on June 16th, 1988. When Marge became pregnant with Lisa, Homer and her bought a house. Seven Years later,Homer felt financially secure enough to quit his job and join his friend Barney's bowling team. Soon after, Marge became pregnant with Maggie, ruining Homer's chances at joining the team. Homer fell into a deep depression but after holding Maggie for the first time, he loved her at first sight.


    in Lisa's Wedding, a TV episode that takes place in the future, Maggie is 16. She didn't talk in the episode, but right as she was about to sing she was interrupted by Lisa's husband, Hugh Parkfield.

    In Treehouse of Horror IX, Maggie is revealed to be the son of the alien Kang.

    In the comics, Maggie was tag-a-long with Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson on their adventures a Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl, and of course, got in the way. So in order to make Maggie useful, Lisa and Bart had Prof. Frink take a portion of each of their powers, Clobber Girl's invulnerability with Stretch Dude's bounce ability, and became the Bouncing Battler Baby.Maggie is also seen in quiet a few episodes as she escapes from her crib for some strange reason.


    Matt Groening created Maggie Simpson in 1987 for The Tracy Ullman Show. The episode she appeared in was "Good Night".

    Character Evolution

    Maggie Simpson began as a character in the short "Good Night" from the Tracy Ullman Show. Since then she has became one of the main stars of The Simpsons. She also has been shown as more smarter along with more skilled with weapons as the show went on.

    When Simpsons Comics came out, Maggie was most famously used as the heroine Bouncing Battle Baby, for the superhero stories.

    Major Story Arcs

    Who Shot Mr. Burns -

    In the two part episode of The Simpsons called "Who Shot Mr. Burns", some person has shot Mr. Burns. In the end, Maggie ended up being the shooter, and the reason she did it was because Burns tried to steal candy from her.

    The Simpsons Movie -

    In the Simpsons Movie, Maggie went with Marge back to Springfield after the family got mad at him in Springfield. At the end of the movie, she saves Homer's and Bart's lives by dropping a boulder on top of Russ Cargil, who tried to kill Homer and Bart with a shotgun.

    To Learn More, visit: The Simpsons Movie page.

    Powers & Abilities

    Even though she is just a baby, Maggie has proven that she can handle herself quite easily in a fight.

    In one episode her leadership and stealth skills are presented, as she is able to successfully lead a whole preschool room full of children out the door of a bad preschool they were all stuck in. She leads them all, and sneaks past guards to get the keys to the preschool.

    In The Simpsons Movie, Krusty The Clown orders his monkey Mr. Teeny to take out Maggie, but as he goes to confront her, she breaks her bottle, making it very sharp and dangerous. She then walks toward him menacingly, scaring him greatly.

    As Bouncing Battle Baby, Maggie has both the invulnerability of Lisa and the elasticity of Bart.

    As Brainbaby, Maggie has extreme mental powers, levitation, and telepathy.

    As Supersis, Maggie has flight, super strength, and the ability to breather in space.

    As Magnesium, Maggie has shape-shifting and firepower abilities.

    Super Hero Personas

    Over the years, Maggie has became many super heroes in the mostly non canon Simpsons Comic books.

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    Appearances: MG13 - Space Patrol, Bartman #5 - #6

    Maggena does not have any super powers, but she was a sidekick and part of a superteam called the Superladies of Springfield.

    Her weapons & equipment include a pacifier, rattle and cuddly blanket.


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