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Captain Maggie Sawyer, came from the city to take over the job of the former sheriff who had been killed by Kuma. Though no one, including her, believe the stories of the "bigfoot". She seems bent on finding out what happened to Kyle, Lisa's ex-boyfriend, who disappeared during the attack. She first introduces herself to Chris, who was outside with Pooch during the sometime before Christmas. While she questioned Chris, Chris said he didn't know where Kyle was. While in truth, Chris knows he can't tell Maggie what really happened to Kyle. Though Maggie appeared to believe him, it soon becomes very clear that she's very suspcious of him and may believe that Chris had a hand in killing Kyle. While it is true, neither Chris or Lisa know Maggie's suspicions, its most likely if they did, they know they could never explain that Chris had to do to kill Kuma or that Kyle had actually told him to do it.

She may also have suspicons on Vlad as well, as it was seen during Lisa and Chris's Christmas festivity that she was giving Vlad suspicious looks outside the house. Despite this, as of lately she's become very friendly around Chris and has been inviting him to stay at very long hours to drink with him. Though it appears Chris sees her as a friend, Lisa doesn't feel very at ease with their friendship. Especially with her pregnancy, Lisa could be worrying about them getting close. While its not been spoken betwen them, for now it appears Chris just brushes it off as a friendship.

Maggie's true colors are revealed when its show that she's a member of the Black Lamp society and was sent there to observe Cassie and friends associated with her. Even more so, her loyalty would be shown, when an apparent time-jumping witch (who knew Cassie and Vlad from the future), appears before her. The girl unarmed and frantic, tried telling her that Samhain was Akakios, and that he would release a deadly toxin and try to take over America. Maggie, coldly, killed the girl and hid her body. But this deed would affect Maggie more than she knew.

During a night out with Chris, Maggie realizes she had forgotten to wash out the girl's blood and became worried Chris would see. Whether out of guilt for murdering the girl, her own doubts to the Society, or just fear she'd be caught, Maggie became shaken. She then began to say to Chris that she need to get away from this "life" and away from them (the Society), and asked Chris to come with her. She then kissed him, meaning there was an attraction between the two. Though Maggie could have used the kiss to distract Chris from the blood, to seduce him away from Lisa, or was using it as part of her rouse, its not really known. The kiss was interrupted when Cat Curio came, trying to escape the undead animals of slasher Bobby Brunswick.

Soon the group would have to fight off his army of undead animals, Maggie urged Chris to go and get to Lisa (who was now heavily pregnant). After the trio was separated, Maggie warned (or attempted) the town to stay indoors. She quickly consulted with the Black Lamp Society, to which the leader told her to do nothing. Basically she was to sit and wait it out and communicate with them the morning after. It was obvious, the Black Lamp Society had resurrected him, so that Cassie and Vlad would return and find their friends dead.

Maggie only sat and waited. It is possible she had a disdain for Lisa, as she quickly tried to tell herself that all who opposed the Black Lamp Society would fall. Cassie would fall, just like Lisa. But she was slow to say Chris's name, hinting his friendship could have affected her. Yet, she kept telling herself with them gone, she wouldn't have to pretend. She wouldn't have to play "sheriff" or "friend" and that the black lamp would light of the black light would illuminate her way.

As the attacks on the townspeople got worst, Maggie could no longer lie to herself. She had grown a conscience and risked her safety by going out to help Chris and the others. Maggie died, standing in Bobby Brunswick's way when he attempted to kill Ava/Venus. Before dying, she warns Ava to take the oil and use it to kill Samhain. She uses her last breath to warn her that Samhain is Akakios, Founder of the Black Lamp Society and that he'll kill many.

Ava does use the oil, to kill Bobby. But she hesitates to use it on Samhain and merely threatens to use it, if he doesn't leave. Samhain angrily demands to know what Maggie told her, but becomes shocked when he sees his actions and leaves. When her funeral comes, Chris is sadden to see that no one from town attended it. Lisa reminds him that besides him, no one really did know Maggie. Still distraught over losing his friend, he stays behind way after dark and soon sees something unexpected.

The members of the Black Lamp Society, coming in a night-fashioned funeral, their leader explained Maggie's true intentions and why she had come to their town. Chris became infuriated when he tried to make it look alright for their horrible actions. He shouted that it wasn't about getting to do whatever they wanted. Its about being a good person.

And that in the end, Maggie had figured that out, that she had died saving a complete stranger. Then quickly demanded they leave and never put a black candle on her grave ever again.


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