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    Some of the stable of characters that were originally published by Magazine Enterprises were

    Black Phantom

    Calico Kid

    Cave Girl

    Durango Kid (Western movie character)

    El Lobo


    Ghost Rider (Magazine Enterprises version)

    Grey Comet

    Harpy (Magazine Enterprises)

    Iron Mask (Magazine Enterprises version)

    Jet Black, Space Ace

    Jet Powers

    Johnny Devildog

    Lady Devildog

    Lady Doom

    Lemanade Kid

    Major Inapak, the Space Ace

    Pha (Magazine Enterprises, Dynamite)

    Presto Kid

    The Red Fox

    Red Mask (Magazine Enterprises version)

    Starr Flagg, the Undercover Girl

    Straight Arrow

    Strong Man (Magazine Enterprises version)

    The Avenger (Magazine Enterprises version)

    The Corsair

    The Masquerader


    White Indian

    Many of the characters have seperate pages while others do not.


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