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    Once a spy handled in the Soviet Union, Magadan was one of the top lieutenants of Leviathan until his assassination by John Garrett.

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    Magadan was originally Vasili Dassaiev, a chief figure in secret intelligence for the Soviet Union a decade after World War II. His prominence in the global espionage community earned him the attention of Leonardo Da Vinci and an invitation to the Great Wheel


    Along with the Leviathan organization, Magadan was created by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli in the Secret Warriors ongoing series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wheels Within Wheels  

    Capricorn retrieved the alien power source
    Capricorn retrieved the alien power source
    Vasili agreed to become a member of the Great Wheel, a highly secretive group consisting of the world's great spymasters. The group was organized by the Zodiac with each party being assigned to a sign. Vasili became Capricorn. In return for running some missions for Leonardo Da Vinci, who identified himself to Vasili only as Aries, he and the others would get the resources they needed to wage their own wars. 
    Vasili took part in an operation along with John Garrett, Kraken and Shoji Soma infiltrate an ancient Brood vessel in Giza and acquire its power source. The mission was a success, and Vasili began conspiring with his fellow Soviet spymaster in the Great Wheel, Viktor Uvarov. Together, they betrayed the Great Wheel and stole the technology their missions had acquired. The combination of the Brood power source with stasis pods Viktor had acquired allowed for the creation of a superhuman. Their betrayal fractured the Great Wheel into three factions. 
    Magadan fights to save Orion's life
    Magadan fights to save Orion's life
    Vasili submitted to Viktor's leadership, and together, they used their combined resources from the Soviet Union and the Great Wheel to build the Leviathan organization. Presumably, Vasili underwent the process of being a superhuman first and took the codename Magadan. Viktor was to go next and become Orion. However, their installation was attacked by HYDRA, the faction born from Baron Strucker, Kraken and Shoji Soma. When Strucker severely wounded Viktor, Magadan rushed him into stasis to save his life, but the superhuman process could not be carried out after HYDRA had stolen the Brood power source. 
    Magadan attempted to retrieve the power source in order to revive Orion, even going so far as to kill Shoji Soma. However, where Soma hid the power source could not be determined. After this, Magadan and Leviathan went dark for many years.

    Wake the Beast

    Leviathan rose from its slumber when  Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, secretly an agent of Leviathan, successfully acquired the box containing the Brood power source from the Clan Yashida and brought it to Magadan. Magadan had already activated some of Leviathan's forces to attack HYDRA, but this allowed him to bring them back to full strength by finally reviving Orion.

    With this, Leviathan went to total war with HYDRA over grudges both old and new. Several months into the conflict, Magadan was assassinated by John Garrett, who used Druid's help to pin the assassination on HYDRA 

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