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    Madripoor is a fictional island and city-state in Southeast Asia in the Marvel Universe. It is located in the Strait of Malacca - between Singapore and the island of Sumatra.

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    Madripoor is a small island nation in Indonesian archipelago. Like Genosha, Madripoor was a sanctuary for pirates many years ago. In fact the pirate ethic has shaped Madripoor's history and society. Its recently deceased ruler, Prince Baran, was descended from the freebooters who settled on the island and founded the country. Just as Madripoor's rulers tolerated piracy in the past, its government today has a relaxed policy toward most business dealings that do not threaten the regime's stability. As a result, Madripoor has become one of the business capitals of the Pacific Rim. However, it is also a notorious center for crime, especially the narcotics trade and slavery. Since Madripoor does not permit other nations to extradite criminals, the island has become a refuge for international crime lords and criminal organizations, who make payoffs to the government to ensure good relations.

    Tale of Two Cities

    The capital of Madripoor, also named Madripoor, is divided in two. Madripoor Hightown is one of the worlds wealthiest areas, populated by rich and powerful. Its spectacular architecture and advanced technology make it truly a city of the 21st century. However, Madripoor Lowtown is one of the most impoverished areas in the world. Lowtown is a throwback to the lawlessness of a thousand years ago: a place of rampant crime and depravity where anything can be bought. Yet certain places, such as Wolverine's Princess Bar, have a certain rough charm reminiscent of the exotic settings of old movies.

    Princess Bar

    Amid the squalor of Lowtown, the Princess Bar is an oasis of elegance and style. Frightened by Lowtown's dangerous reputation, tourist avoid the Princess Bar after dark. At night, it becomes a gathering place for local residents from both Hightown and Lowtown. The Princess Bar is also a fine restaurant with cabaret entertainment.

    The bar takes its name from a woman nicknamed 'Princess' who was somehow connected with its previous owner, a mysterious Englishman known as O'Donnell, who is now dead. O'Donnell sold a 50 percent interest in the bar to Wolverine, who became his silent partner.

    Other Media

    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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    We see Madripoor in episode 3 of the The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Sam, Bucky and Zemo travel to Madripoor in order to find the scientist who has been working on a new super-soldier serum.


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