Madripoor Dragon

    Character » Madripoor Dragon appears in 13 issues.

    A huge dragon living under Madripoor.

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    A monolithic beast of legend situated beneath the island continent of Madripoor, This titanic thunder lizard spans about the size of Japan harboring vast mystical facilities of it's own. Acting as the new base of the entire Madripoor island as well as the mobile fortress of The Hand and it's current leader Tomi Shishido, The Gorgon.

    The mutant crime lord went about a mysterious ritual that would raise this colossus from the seabed beneath the criminal haven with his temple as the pinnacle; from which he controls the creature. Tomi raised the dragon in a bid to both elevate The Hand's power and status as a global threat warrant and to conquer China; Shanghai more specifically, for the intent of making a kingdom for himself and his clan.

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    Madagon; aptly named by a S.H.I.E.L.D analyst has a host of odd and unique properties which include producing miniature dragon spawn for select warriors to ride upon into battle.


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