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The leader of the Madmen is Farley Fleeter he and his gang have gone up against many heroes but they have always been a long term rival to the Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Farley Fleeter lead the group of the Madmen for a while until he decided it was too costly to run around in such outlandish costumes. He did not change his ways he just stopped dressing in the costumes. He would change his mind shortly after when Dr. Alchemy paid him to attack Kord industries. Alchemy wanted them to be a distraction while he stole promethium that was being kept at the company. Farley agreed to the terms and was subsequently arrested for his troubles. The Madmen joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. Many of them were either killed or seriously injured by the Secret Six.


The Original Madmen's Costumes

The original madmen wore multicolored camouflage costumes in yellow, red, white, and green all in the same costume. They also had their faces and hair painted in different colors. Each ganger basically wore the same costume but had a different colored face and hair. They also all wore facial hair in the form of a goatee.

Farley Fleeter's Costume

Farley Fleeter's Costume is a camouflage like uniform with bright colors from all his gang membes uniforms. He is also depicted with yellow hair and red face, gloves, boots and briefs. Most of the time he is the only one with any facial hair. He wear a long bushy goatee that he also colors yellow.

The Madmen's Costumes

There are six other members of Fleeter's gang they are paired in three groups of two. This is seen in their costumes. The ganger in the yellow camouflage costume will have yellow boots, hair, gloves and briefs but his face will be purple. While the purple ganger will be just the opposite with a yellow face. It is the same for the blue and orange gangers and, the green and red gangers.


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