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    Frank Einstein is the snappiest hero around.

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    Boiffard and Madman
    Boiffard and Madman

    The life of Madman prior to the car accident that "killed" him was unknown. His body was found by a police officer friend of scientist Dr. Egon Boiffard (he owed him a favor). Dr. Boiffard managed to resurrect him with the side effects of super human agility and precognitive abilities. He could not remember anything of his life save for his childhood hero, Mr. Excitement. Dr. Boiffard named Madman after his artistic and intellectual heroes, Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein. Thus, Frank Einstein was born.

    Madman and Joe
    Madman and Joe

    Modeling himself after his hero, Frank likes to try to get in the way when bad things happen to good people. He and his scientist friends get into many adventures but Frank prefers to spend time with his girlfriend Joe (short for Josephine). He was given the name "Madman" when chasing the evil Mr. Monstadt through a circus. He shot himself out of a cannon and an onlooker in the crowd shouted, "He's a Madman!"

    He later befriended the alien Mott, from the planet Hoople. Mott was on the run from a crazy alien, Zenelle, who wanted to marry and eat him.

    Frank is 6', has pale blue eyes (and skin), weighs 190 lbs, and has brown hair. He likes paper airplanes and dislikes surly beatnik mutants.

    In the Beginning...

    Beginning his life as Madman, Frank had many questions. Being resurrected from the dead left huge gaps in his memory. He didn't know who he really was. He wrote in his journal about the regret of some of his actions that didn't seem like stuff he should do and how Dr. Boiffard was his only hope in finding the answers. He was attacked by two of Mr. Monstadt's men. Monstadt wanted his head on a platter. Frank, using his yo-yo and skills, quickly put them in their place. Frank even went so far as to grab the one called Jake, plucked out his eye, and ate it in front of the other, Arnie. Freaked out, Arnie pressed himself against the wall. Frank "touched" him and got a psychic reading off of him to get information about Monstadt. He told Arnie to grab Jake, take him to hospital, and leave town. As soon as they were gone, Frank threw up. Frank needed to find Dr. Flem since Dr. Boiffard got hit by a car. Boiffard told Frank to freeze his body before he died. If he did die, there wouldn't be anyone that could stop Monstadt. Flem was the only one that could bring Boiffard back. Fran eventually found Dr. Flem. Before he could help Frank, Flem needed Frank's help first. While experimenting with cloning, things didn't go according to plan. Dr. Flem's clones began deteriorating. One had bitten Flem and he too became infected. The infection began spreading and he needed Frank to chop off his head and place it in a special solution until it could be reattached to a unaffected body.

    Madman would go on to befriend Flam the two will both go back in time to test out a time machine. Frank will accidentally fall out of the time machine and be stranded back in prehistoric times. He searches for Flem for hours than is attacked by dinosaurs. He escapes and finds a crazy old lady living with a robot in a cave. Madman stays with them for a while than is forced to stay by a robot, because the old lady can't stand being alone. Frank escapes, defeats the robot, and finds Flem who takes him back into the present, where he goes on a romantic date with Joe. After what has happened, Frank decides to go on a road trip to the Grand canyon with Dr. Boiffard. On the way, Madman has a dream that he meats adying alien that needs rescue. Almost right after this Madman and Boiffard are attacked by the F.B.I., who are looking for alien life in the desert. Madman then finds the dying alien who gives Frank his dying wish. The alien then, deteriorates immediately and dies. The F.B.I. comes and takes what is left of him as Madman walks away playing with his yo-yo.

    Madman Comics

    Back in Action
    Back in Action

    After the recent events in his life Madman decided to become a full-time super hero protecting the citizens of Snap City from the evils of the world. One of Franks first missions was when an alien named Mott, from the planet Hoople, who came to earth to find help. Madman jumped at the opportunity and saved Mott from the evil Alien Zanelle who wanted to marry and eat Mott. Soon after this, Astroman was built to be an aid to Frank and was loaded with some of Frank's lost information. Astroman grew to love Frank's girlfriend, Joe, which made Machina, a female robot made to love Astroman, very jealous. Machina then tried to kill Joe using a giant titanium robot made by Flem. Madman and Astroman work as a team to bring down the robot and save Joe. Later, Madman goes on cruise with Joe, only to be thrown in jail for being a suspect of killing another passenger on the boat. Madman soon escapes and captures the real killer. Because Joe And Madman did not enjoy the cruise, Frank and Joe go to Italy where meet Hellboy. Madman works with Hellboy to defeat a powerful robot who was attacking Italy. Madman and Joe returns to America soon after this.

    Frank saves a man from some street beatniks. He takes him to the hospital, there the man turns into The Puke. Madman then battles The Puke until he is able to trap him in a glass bottle. Madman is shrunk due to the side effects of one of Flem's experiments. While tiny Madman is searching for Flem, Madman has a brief encounter with a villain named The Creep. Madman is restored to normal by Flem, Then defeats many robots on one of his next missions. After this, Boiffard starts experimenting on himself so that his brain could grow bigger, so that he could get smarter. Madman gets stranded on an island, where he meets a mermaid, her human husband, and their new born baby. Madman, with the help of the mermaid and her family, gets off the island and arrives just in time to see Boiffard grow his brain so big it floats off of earth but gets Boiffard and his big brain stuck floating around the earth.

    Superman/Madman Huballoo!

    Due to a plot by the mischievous Mr. Mxyzpitlk, Madman and Superman switched dimensions, becoming physical hybrids of each other. They then had to retrieve portions of Superman's powers, which had been doled out amongst various people across both worlds. Finally, the two confronted Mister Mxyzptlk, and Madman defeated him in a game of Twister, before tricking him into saying his name backwards.

    Recent Events

    At the hands of Mr. Monstandt, Frank was believed to be dead. Frank found himself questioning his entire existence as part of Monstadt's plan. Dr. Flem sends Astroman to try to save him since he's a digital imprint of Frank. Astroman appeared as Mr. Excitement. Astroman's robot body seemed to overload as a result of interacting in Frank's mind. Frank and Astroman made their way through Frank's subconscious to try to find

    their way back to Frank's body. Unfortunately, it was too late. Dr. Flem, Joe, and the others believed Frank to be long dead. Both Frank and Astroman's bodies were sent to a burial in space in one of Dr. Flem's experimental rockets. The two awake in deep space.

    Madman meets Haley Foofoo and is put on a mission to save the universe. He is joined by members of the The Atomics. They succeed despite some casualties and return to Haley. As thanks, she says she sent engineers from her planet to Earth to build a base with some of their technology to help them in fighting the good fight.

    Frank's rocket has also been fixed and modified so that it is easier to navigate. Frank is given a new spacesuit and It Girl is given a re-animated Metal Man. Haley is confused at her distress. She figured they'd want to use him as a Zom-bot. Next is the arrival of Joe. Haley figured Frank would want to celebrate with her there and she is being brought in a sphere. As she approaches, Frank realizes that he's having deja vu. This is when she dies. It Girl stretches out her arms to save her. Haley stops her saying she'll be killed too. With an explosion, Joe is gone.

    Frank departs on his own. Eventually Mott finds him and is seemingly with Joe! Joe then changes to It-Girl. The two have somehow been merged into... Luna Joe! Joe and Luna were recently split into two different bodies restoring Joe and Luna to normal. Soon after this Metal Man is restored to normal by Dr. Flem.


    Madman stopping goons
    Madman stopping goons

    Madman is a skilled and agile fighter. He has used a few weapons early in his career. He took a Duncan yo-yo, hollowed it out, and filled it with lead. Madman is able to use it against bad guys by knocking them in the head with it from a distance. Madman is also has very good aim with a sling shot. Later, Madman modified a toy disc gun that fired with such intensity that the discs would actually become embedded in the skin.

    Crossover Superstar

    Being a creator-owned series, Madman has been able to cross paths with several characters from other comic books. He appeared in a 3-issue crossover miniseries with Superman ( The Superman / Madman Hullabaloo!), and has had characters such as Frank Miller’s Big Guy, Savage Dragon, Hellboy, Nexus and The Jam appear in his book.


    Madman has gone through a number of different publishing companies over the years including...

    Other Media

    Film Adaptation

    For over a decade filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has held the movie rights to Madman, as of yet nothing has gone ahead. As recently as 2006 Mike Allred said the movie was in pre-production and seemed sure filming would begin at the end of the year, it didn’t.


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