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The character named Madeline "Maddie" Stewart was created by Mark Gruenwald and first appeared as the loving spouse of member the Whizzer of the Squadron Supreme #1-The Utopia Principle.


The Squadron decided to unmask and abandon having dual identities in an attempt to show transparency to the public. This later came back to haunt the team when their friends and family members were taken captive by their old foes the Institute of Evil. Maddie and her daughter Tina would be put in grave danger as the Whizzer deserted his teammates, and attempted to attack the Institute on his own. While the Squadron was able to defeat the Institute, and Hyperion forgave Whizzer's rash actions, he found himself doubting that his teammates would ever trust him again.

When the Squadron formed a new home base far away from populated areas and this way also safeguarding their loved ones Maddie came along with Tina. Maddie would come to build a relationship with Arcanna and the Jones family, both Arcannas husband and Maddie helped with child care. Maddie would come to intrust Arcanna with concerns about the Whizzer due to his recent actions. Worried about her husband putting a distance between them Maddie was advised by Arcanna to give him more time.

After the Utopia Program had been stopped and dismantled due to a conflict between Nighthawks Redeemers and the Squadron, Madeline would leave with her Husband and family. Eventually returning to their home dimension of Earth-712, the Whizzer went to search for his wife Madeline and their daughter Tina. A group calling themselves the Blue Eagles confronts the Whizzer once he finds them. The Blue Eagles were a paramilitary force based on what they believed to be the principles of the deceased Squadron member, Blue Eagle. They had stepped in to restore order to the world after the Utopia Program had ended. The Blue Eagles had taken custody of the Whizzer's family while attempting to arrest him.

A group known as the Nighthawks stepped into rescue the Whizzer's family, and took them into protective custody telling the Whizzer that he could not follow them. This group was organized by the original Nighthawk's adopted son, who had now taken on his father's identity, forming a resistance group to oppose the new oppressive world government. Eventually, the remaining four members of the Squadron recruited the other two living original members of the team as well as new Nighthawk to join in fighting to free their world. The new Nighthawk reunited Maddie and Tina to the Whizzer after being apart for a very long time.


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