Maddie Drake

    Character » Maddie Drake appears in 132 issues.

    Maddie Drake is the mother of Bobby Drake, better known as the X-men's Iceman.

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    Maddie lived a happy life with her husband William Drake and together they had one son, whom they named Robert, or "Bobby". They raised their family in a suburb of Long Island.


    Maddie Drake was created by Gary Friedrich and George Tuska and first appeared in The (Uncanny) X-Men Vol.1 issue 44 (1968).

    Major Story

    An X-Man as a Son

    Problems however arose when it turned out that Bobby was a mutant. At first, Maddie's husband had great problems with their son being a mutant. This gave a lot of tension in the household, with Maddie always trying to keep the peace between the two. When Bobby was chased by an angry mob for being a mutant, Maddie and William protected their son and soon afterwards sended him to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in hope of letting him cope with his mutant powers. Maddie was proud of her son for becoming a fine man and a true hero, but her husband never had an easy relationship with Bobby. He frowned upon Bobby's relation with an Asian girl, telling Bobby she wasn't good enough for him and admitted to still have problems with his son being a mutant. A falling out occurred, with Maddie in the middle and the two almost never spoke again.

    Operation Zero Tollerance

    Maddie tried to bring William to reason, but thought her words had no meaning to him. While Bobby thought his dad hated him, it turned out that, when mutant-hating hysteria broke loose during Operation Zero Tolerance, William defended his son and tried taking down the sponsor behind Zero Tolerance, Bastion. He paid dearly for that, being beaten up by two of his body-guards, nearly dying. But once and for all, Maddie knew how her husband really felt about his son, despite his problems with him being a mutant. The three of them now live with relative ease.

    Bobbies Coming Out

    Some years later, Maddie and William's son Bobby came to terms with himself and revealed that he was actually gay. Maddie was shocked that her son, whom has had many girlfriends over the years, made this revelation about himself. She however was very supportive, even though it was difficult for her. She and Bobby spoke lots about this and came to terms. She however still wanted him to quit being a superhero.
    Some week later, Maddie and William met with their son Bobby as well as the younger time-displaced Bobby, which caused a strange scene.

    Powers and Abilities

    Maddie is not a mutant like her son and possesses no special powers.


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