Madder Red

    Character » Madder Red appears in 13 issues.

    A man by the name of Fillmore Press, who ten years ago, was a murderous psychopath who terrorized the city of Bedlam, until he "got better." Now he assists the Bedlam police department as a consultant.

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    Fillmore Press was originally a super villain by the name of Madder Red operating in the city of Bedlam, causing mayhem and death, and clashing with his arch-enemy, The First. After a final attack on an opera house, he was taken into captivity by a team of mysterious doctors, and cured of his desire to be a villain and his homicidal urges.


    Madder Red was created by Bedlam writer, Nick Spencer and artist, Riley Rossmo.


    Ten years after his attack on the opera house, Fillmore learned that there was a new serial killer working in Bedlam. He went to the police to provide them with his assistance by confessing to the crime, and after being taken into custody, he revealed that he was innocent in committing the recent murders, but that he can offer his assistance. Although suspicious, Detective Ramira Acevedo accepted his advice, and together they were able to stop the killer.

    When Detective Acevedo is offered the budget to make her task force against extraordinary cases permanent, she offers Fillmore a job working with the police as a consultant.

    He is now working on a case involving mysterious suicide bombings across town, perpetrated by an unknown antagonist with a message. It was revealed that he has a phobia of fire, as when he gets close to a burning building, he collapses, mentioning how fire "agitates"..


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