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In this volume collecting issues #16-23, a '50s Manhattan socialite's life takes a grotesque turn, and only Madame Xanadu can help. Then, take a look at Xanadu's early days in ancient England as her rivalry with her evil sister begins.

Back Blurb

America, 1957.

Business is booming, Ike is in the White House, and all is right with the world.

Or so it seemed to Betty Reynolds, Upper East Side housewife. Until something terrible started bubbling up inside her, turning her American dream into a nightmare. Desperate, Betty turns to the one person who can help...

Madame Xanadu can sense a dark disturbance in the placid plastic paradise of '50s America--a disturbance that centers on Betty. Little does she know that what starts with the plight of an innocent woman will stretch into a vast conspiracy between a secret cult and organized crime... and back through the millennia, to the secret origin of her fatal family feud with her sinister sister Morgaine Le Fey.

Now Madame Xanadu must join forces with Detective John Jones, a mysterious manhunter with secrets of his own, to stop the conspiracy and save Betty's soul. If they fall, an ancient evil will be reborn into the Atomic Age--and the house of cards that is America will come crashing down...


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