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Beautiful, Dahling!

Ah, such a regrettable loss this series is, Matt Wagner's writing is gold and he's proven himself many times over the decades and has once again here with the fourth part of his six-issue send-off to Madame Xanadu. All the stories are stand-alone and great pieces in and of themselves...overall, the connection is each story is dominated by a central character who somehow has one of their senses causing what most people would think of as undesired effect. 
The sense this issue is touch, the central character, a gorgeous but aloof fashion model. I'm not a huge fan of Buckingham's covers for this series simply because some of their predecessors in the series have been pretty phenomenal BUT...I thought Celia Calle was the perfect choice as an artist for this issue. I only knew of her work from some covers for American Virgin, the book about sex featuring a guy who's never had of my favorite reads from the past. Yet here, she got to really do sexy and I thought it was perfect. I admit, it's not a style for everyone but no art style is. 
However, the story, now that was great...throughout the story we get internal monologuing from Neon but the answers to the mysteries surrounding her never come from her thoughts but from inference or other characters. I enjoyed how this issue, like the last one, led you along for a while, not really clearing things up until Madame Xanadu came in at the end but after you read it, even more depth is added to the story. 
All in all, great book, if you're looking for a unique single-issue story, check it out, it's completely independent even if it says 27 on the cover and chapter four in the title.

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