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Let me start this off with a very simply and straightforward statement: "If you have never read an issue of Matt Wagner's Madame Xanadu, get out of your chair and make a mad dash for the comic store and GET THIS ISSUE!" 
That's right, I said it. I said what everyone else who reads this is thinking...that everyone else should be reading it too. If you want to tell me, "but Aztek, it's a Part can I know what's going on?" My answer to you is the story (like all the other issues in the arc) is entirely self-contained. And when I say it's self-contained, I mean there is nothing tying it to the other issues except for an appearance from Madame Xanadu at the end. "Now wait a minute," your saying, "the book is called Madame Xanadu and she only appears a bit at the end?" That is correct. 
Now then, since you are still reading that means you haven't gone to get the comic yet or you do already read Madame Xanadu, if it the former I am shaking my head, if it is the latter I am giving you a thumbs up. However, if it is the former I haven't given up on you just yet... 
If you read comics for story, this is your perfect comic, it's one of the purest examples of a what a story can be in a single issue when we don't always rely on huge arcs (you know which publishers I'm talking about)...and if you read comics for the art, well then you're in luck...this comic is the first interior done by Chrissie Zullo. If that name doesn't ring any bells go check out the covers to Cinderella: From Fabletown with was her covers that were praised so extensively by the same people who were upset she didn't also do the interiors...too bad none of those people will likely be checking this out. Suckers. 
Seriously though, if you need to be convinced by the art just do a flip-through and you'll fall in love. But don't flip to the end right away, that's what the issue's building up to and it's the best part so get there naturally, you'll find it's worth it and that Madame Xanadu is absolutely gorgeous and doesn't even need fishnets or a Wonderbra (though those things are both wonderful inventions). This issue -and series- wins my patented seal of approval!

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