Madame Qwa

    Character » Madame Qwa appears in 8 issues.

    Madam Qwa is the leader of a ninja group called True Believers, a faction of The Hand.

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    Madam Qwa is the leader of a ninja group called "True Believers", that split from The Hand.

    Other Media

    Daredevil & Iron Fist (Netflix Series)

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    Madame Gao was a heroin dealer and an ally of Wilson Fisk's in the Daredevil series. Her only competition was the elusive Blacksmith who was responsible for the death of Frank Castle's family. Gao's origins were elaborated on in Iron Fist. Gao has been or comes from the heavenly city of K'un Lun. Gao has been using Rand Enterprises to funnel her heroin with the help of Ward Meachum because Meachum owes Gao for saving his life. When Gao is captured by Danny Rand in China, she reveals her intimate knowledge of K'un Lun. Her reasons for leaving K'un Lun remain cryptic and unknown. However, one thing is for certain: her place within the Hand is vastly different from Bakuto's. Bakuto imprisoned Gao in his compound when he aided Danny Rand. Much like Madame Qwa and her True Believers, Madame Gao has an entirely different perspective of how the Hand should operate versus Bakuto. However, it appeared in the Daredevil series that Gao had a mutual respect for Nobu Yoshioka.


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