Madame Mirage

    Character » Madame Mirage appears in 9 issues.

    Created by Paul Dini, Madame Mirage's mission is to take down Aggressive Solutions International. She uses advanced technology to produce illusions which aid her in deceiving and destroying her foes.

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    At the dawn of the twenty-first century, scientists and inventors around the world began developing mega-tech-- technology so advanced it gave its users abilities beyond the capacity of ordinary human beings. This age and technology gave birth to a new breed of both hero and criminal. As things got out of hand internationally, the world wide government unanimously agreed to ban mega-tech and cease any further production. Vigilantes and villains alike were rounded up and sent to prison.

    A few years later, Angela and Harper Temple completed their graduate degrees and (with a little seed funding) began a company named Templetech. Harper served as the company's technical genius and Angela its public face. They had secured a government grant to continue their research and development of some cutting edge technology concerning spectral refraction-- which was not technically mega-tech by definition. The technology had the potential to render its user invisible. Because of this they dubbed their project Ellison, as a nod to Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man".

    Who is Madame Mirage?

    One day Angela found a man who was very interested in their advances, as a buyer. His name was Robert Rhodes and he worked for Aggressive Solutions International (A.S.I.). When she told Harper about Rhodes, Harper was very skeptical of him and his company. Even still, Angela persuaded Harper to allow her to bring Rhodes to their workshop for a tour.

    After Rhodes and a few of his associates finished their tour of the workshop, they offered to buy Templetech and all of their work outright. This specifically included the top secret Ellison project. Harper was all the more suspicious and alarmed. She turned down the offer. In response Rhodes shot and killed Angela on the spot. Harper swore her revenge and was then shot as well. Thinking the two Temple sisters dead, Rhodes and his associates stole their technology and burned down the workshop. Harper, however, survived by using the early Ellison device to generate an illusion of herself and avoid any actual harm.

    After escaping the inferno of Templetech, she managed to use her technological brilliance to download Angela's brain impulses into a device called the M-Band. Harper then spent years training her body and further developing the Ellison project in anticipation of her revenge. The technology progressed by leaps and bounds till Harper could not only use it as a cloaking device, but also use it to create completely lifelike and solid illusions from light. Finally she combined this technology with Angela's brain impulse scans (her memories and personality) to resurrect her sister after a fashion. This hologram of Angela was also designed by Harper to be a disguise and weapon of deception that she could use while exacting her revenge on A.S.I.

    After her first strikes against A.S.I. she revealed herself to them (wearing her disguise) via video. She introduced herself as Mirage and made it known that none of them were safe.

    Powers and Skills

    Mirage is technically a holographic illusion donned or projected by Harper Temple, as both disguise and weapon. Though Mirage is a tool for Harper, she is also a near exact-- though slightly visually characterized-- recreation of her sister (Angela). As such, she is self aware and may act independently of Harper.

    Being made of light, rather than flesh and blood, she can not be harmed by attacks while used as a projection. When Harper is 'wearing' the mirage and manually operating it she may be harmed by attacks, though the hard light illusion is able to significantly reduce the damage. By manipulating the 'hardness' of the light, any projection generated by Mirage can be rendered solid.

    However, the primary strength of her abilities lie in infiltration, distraction, and deception. Harper has perfected the original concept of the Ellison project and may use turn herself entirely invisible while 'wearing' it. The visible projections are not simply limited to a facsimile of Angela either. They may appear as and sound identical to anyone Mirage scans (an action which takes only a few seconds). These disguises may also be projected onto others-- which Mirage uses to great effect for misdirection.

    The projections can also be items, instead of people. Mirage may sustain multiple projections at once and at a range.


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