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    The first cross-dressing comic book hero

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    Richard Stanton was a wealthy actor living in Manhattan with his young daughter. He became involved in crime-fighting when his daughter was kidnapped. Spending nine years in the hunt, he uncovers that the criminal Jack Carver had orchestrated the kidnapping. Using his acting abilities and facility for disguise, he dresses as an elderly woman, Madame Fatal, to infiltrate Carver's gang. Carver died, but not before revealing that Madame Fatal's daughter lived on.


    Madame Fatal was created by Art Pinajian. He first appears in Crack Comics #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Madame Fatal

    Retiring from the theatre to pursue crime-fighting full-time, Stanton maintains the identity of Madame Fatal to aid him in his pursuit of justice. He also continues to pursue the investigation into his missing daughter, whom Carver had handed off to other villains sometime before his death. During this time he faced supervillains such as The Jester and Doctor Prowl.

    The Shade

    Madame Fatal is hired by the Shade to protect Darnell Caldecott, the wealthy industrialist. Going by the name Miss Sharp, he pretends to be a personal assistant and secretary for Caldecott. When Caldecott is captured by Nazis and nearly killed, Madame Fatal springs into action, aiding in the rescue of Caldecott and revealing his true identity at the same time. At the conclusion of the fighting, Shade provides the location of Madame Fatal's daughter, which he had obtained in exchange for Darnell's protection.

    Powers and Abilities

    Madame Fatal has no known superhuman abilities. However, he is at peak physical condition and is both agile and athletic. He carries a cane which doubles as a quarterstaff weapon. He is very intelligent, and has a strong intuition which aids him in investigating crimes. He is skilled at acting and the convincing use of disguise.


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