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    The magic using tenant of The Cabin of Horrors

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    Madame Dragonfly was once a mere farmer's wife. He newborn son, Jacob, died, and to save his life, she brought him to The Cabin of Horrors and make a deal with the old witch that lived there. The Witch claimed that a life must be traded for a life and volunteered her own. She was old and tired, but, in order to leave, she needed someone to take her burden as the tenant of The Cabin of Horrors. Madame Dragonfly agreed to take her spot for the life of her son.

    One night, she was targeted by a townsperson who believed she was responsible for missing children. She countered his attack with her magic. Covered in green flame, this man ran into the swamp where he was transformed into a plant monster. Now a monster, Dragonfly and the plant man would fall in love.


    Madame Dragonfly first appears in Black Hammer #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston.

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome to Rockwood

    Dragonfly at her second son's grave
    Dragonfly at her second son's grave

    When Spiral City was under attack by the Anti-God, Dragonfly was recruited into the fight with Spiral’s other heroes by Starlok. When Black Hammer hit the Anti-God with his cosmic hammer, it caused a bright light. They found themselves teleported to Rockwood on a small farm for 10 years. Initially, Dragonfly would pretend to be Col. Weird’s wife and Golden Gail’s mother, however, over time, she would take up residence in her cabin, which appeared on the farmland, and keep her distance from the rest of the family. When she first arrived, she was unknowingly pregnant with her lover’s child. Unfortunately, the child did not survive its birth.

    They were settling into some kind of routine, but that was uprooted when Lucy Weber appeared. She was the daughter of their fellow superhero, Black Hammer, who died trying to leave the perimeter of Rockwood. She believed all the heroes had survived the event and wanted to find them. She couldn’t remember how she got here though.

    Meanwhile, the local sheriff is getting too close to the family, mostly because Abraham Slam was seeing his ex-wife. Dragonfly took it upon herself to kill the sheriff. She also wiped the memories of the cops who accused Abe of the murder.

    Soon after the team was brought back together by Weird to witness Lucy pick up her father’s hammer and become the new Black Hammer.

    Age of Doom

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    Now that Lucy remembered everything she could explain the town of Rockwood to the others. They were all asleep in stasis pods on Col. Weird’s ship in the Para-Zone while their minds were kept in a magical illusion caused by the Cabin of Horror. This was due to a pact between Weird and Madame Dragonfly to save the universe. The killing of the Anti-God threw off the balance of light and dark. Weird and Dragonfly needed to take the heroes out in order to retain that balance. Lucy’s dad was killed when he tried leaving Weird’s ship and was exposed to the Para-Zone energies. With everyone awake, Weird took it upon himself to set auto-pilot to leave the Para-Zone.

    Unfortunately, leaving the Para-Zone simply put them in yet another fabricated reality. Dragonfly was a content housewife and mother of two living in the Cabin of Horrors disguised as a suburban townhouse. Unlike the others, she gave herself this fresh start since her memorie were protected by magic from the Para-Zone. One day, she came home to all her old superhero friends with their memories restored. Despite holding a grudge against her for the farm, they needed her help to take on the Anti-God, who was targeting their new reality.

    Unfortunately, Lucy receives a message from her father and Starlok. In order to defeat the Anti-God, the superheroes have to disappear again. Rather than kill them, Lucy convinces them to voluntarily re-enter the imaginary farm land, while she stays back as defender of Spiral City.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 171 lbs
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Widowed
    • Occupation: Guardian of the Cabin of Horrors; formerly housewife
    • Known Relatives: Jacob (son, deceased)
    • Distinguishing features: After taking the burden of the Cabin of Horrors, Dragonfly's skin turned green and dragonfly wings sprouted from her back.


    As the tenant of The Cabin of Horrors, Madame Dragonfly skin turned a shade of green and sprouted insect-like wings capable to carrying her body weight. As tenant, she could also cast a number of spells.


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