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    Character » Madam Satan appears in 29 issues.

    Not to be confused with The Black Widow, the version appearing in Pep Comics #15-21 is in the Public Domain.

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    Madame Satan, was a short 8 page filler in the back pages of MLJ Comics (Archie) Pep Comics.

    Far from a heroine she was a wicked woman who on dieing had been recruited by Satan to return to Earth and trick men into being dragged to Hell.

    To quote from the text of Pep 16 where she first appeared.

    "The Devil searched far and long for an ally to wreak havoc amongst mortals…..then, the black corrupt soul of a beautiful woman, a victim of her own fiendish plan on Earth, left its bodily habitation to stand before the king of purgatory…..and his search was at an end….the Devil had found himself a fitting mate and called her……Madame Satan"

    It helped that she only went after men even more evil than herself, this however did not prevent her stay in Pep to be a short one and she disappeared after issue # 21 to be replaced in # 22 by the first appearance of Archie Andrews!

    Madame Satan is sometimes confused with a similar character appearing at the same time at Timely (Marvel) comic in the pages of Mystic Comics called the Black Widow.

    While almost identical, they can be differentiated in that Madame Satan was a brunette while Black Widow was blonde, and when she was doing her dirty work Madame Satan’s face turned into a green skull.

    She was brought back as an antagonist for the Archie Horror series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


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