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A nonconformist radical who has lots and lots of bombs and devices. Mad Stan used these explosives to try to destabilize Gotham and rid humans of their dependence on technology. He was supposedly killed by "Hush" beyond, Terry used him as a disguise to draw Hush to him. It turns out Hush Beyond never had the pleasure of killing Mad Stan which would infer that perhaps Shriek and Stalker are still alive. Mad Stan returns alive and wonders why everyone was saying he was dead? The people he normally does business with end up causing him to into a rage and they take his dog, Boom-Boom while Stan takes a device that could detonate any explosive. Terry ends up showing up to calm him down and the two have a brief scuffle. Stan ends up going elsewhere in an attempt to exchange the device for his dog but he threatens to blow up the place and everyone in it. Stan and Terry fight once again but Stan ends up going to prison. While in prison, Boom-Boom visits him.

Powers and Abilities

Stan has no official meta-human powers but his physical stats appear to be low level superhuman. Stan is physically strong enough to engage Terry McGinnis while in the Batman Beyond suit. Terry couldn't restrain him when he lost Boom-Boom and he has even restrained Terry himself. Stan has also punched through large machines before and ripped and thrown Terry through them. He is durable enough to take hits from Terry and was even punched through a solid stone platform without any much injury. He even withstood being tased by Terry with enough voltage that was said to have taken down Killer Croc. Bruce has stated then when goes on a rant, he is almost unstoppable.

While Stan is indeed a radical, he is highly intelligent. He uses mainly explosive weapons and has stated that he knows how to work most of any explosive devices. Stan is also fluent in foreign languages such as Russian. He states it helps him to deal internationally.

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