Mad Squad

    Team » Mad Squad appears in 30 issues.

    A super-secret government task force, led by Amanda Von Doom. Their vision statement is simple: Kill Mad Scientists.

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    The Mad Squad was formed to track and kill mad scientists who posed a serious threat. They went up against various scientists including a group of Bavarians who created B.R.A.I.N.


    The Mad Squad was created by Jason Aaron for Incredible Hulk #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk Asunder

    After Doctor Doom split Hulk and Bruce Banner, Bruce set himself up on an island in the Pacific where his descent into madness and his obsession with recreating the Hulk caught the attention of the Mad Squad. Many monsters had been sighted attacking boats around the area. Realizing that Banner was not going to be easy to take down, they decided to enlist the aid of the Hulk who had made his home amongst a community of moloids in Subterranea. Amanda Von Doom, however, made the mistake of appealing to Hulk through a show of force. Instead this only enraged Hulk and prevented him from trusting the team. Amanda managed to convince Hulk to join them in the Mad Squad's boat in order to explain the situation but Hulk refused to aid them, after a brief fight with some gamma enhanced sharks Hulk returned to Subterranea. But when Hulk returned to the village he found it under attack from two of Banner's creations: gamma enhanced boars named 26 and 27.

    Following the fight, Hulk changed his mind regarding the Mad Squad and decided to aid the in taking Banner down. They arrived at Banner's island to meet an army of gamma enhanced animals and natives. During the battle Banner managed to reprogram B.R.A.I.N. so that it attacked Amanda instead of Banner. Amanda quickly dispatched of the rogue operative and moved on with Gor to Banner's base where a gamma bomb had been stored. Amanda set the bomb and evacuated the island leaving Hulk to ensure Banner was taken out by the bomb. It exploded but failed to permanently kill Banner as he was once again merged with the Hulk.

    After the supposed death of Banner, the mutated men and animals were taken to try and cure them of their gamma enhancements (one monkey however did join the team). B.R.A.I.N. was reset and once again loyal to the Mad Squad.


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