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    Former WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer.

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    Randy Poffo was born on November 15, 1953, on the campus of Ohio State University, He is the son of wrestler Angelo Poffo and the brother of "Leaping" Lanny Poffo. Randy was a baseball player and was in the farm systems of the Cardinals, Reds and White Sox. He became a wrestler in 1975

    While in the WWE, Savage won the WWE Heavywieght Title two times, the Intercontinental once and was the 1989 King of the Ring. He was also a spokesperson for Slim Jims He then moved to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and signed a $6 million contract with them. There he won the WCW Heavyweight Title four times,.

    In 2002, Randy Savage portrayed the wrestler Bonesaw McGraw in the Spider-Man Movie.

    In the summer of 2011, Savage passed away from a heart attack while driving his car.


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