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The technological resident genius from the Retaliators of Earth-8 and a pastiche of Marvel's Iron Man.

He uses his armor as weapon. His origins are unknown.

After Machinehead and the Retaliators stopped the attack of the Gentry, Machinehead choose to stay with the multiversal protectors in the house of heroes as part of Justice Incarnate



Machinehead appears to be one of the Justice League Incarnate member who seek out all Supermen in the multiverse. There is a threat eradicating all Supermen in the multiverse, therefore, they need to warn them before it's too late.

Infinite Frontier

Years ago Earth 8 was invaded by another Earth, the heroes tried to fight the war in secret but ultimately lost. Traumatize by his failure Machinehead kept looking for ways to prevent crossover between universes. Eventually he found a group of like minded individuals, The Injustice Incarnate.


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