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    Adam Aaronson son is a "perfect" teen. Makes straight A's and is captain of the football team. He's handsome and outgoing, but he faces his toughest challenge yet in the form of debilitating seizures.

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    Adam Aaronson, along with his best friend JT, and girlfriend Carly, seems to think that he has it all. After overtaking arch-rival Ricky Sims as the starting quarterback on the football team, Adam begins to wow everyone, including himself, with his uncanny athleticism. However, prior to the state championship, Adam receives a check-up from the school nurse, who soon realizes that his pulse rate suggests that he really isn't human. She tries to reveal the results to the head coach, but he shrugs it off and plans on starting Adam anyway (as planned). Ricky can't cope with the fact that Adam is truly the better QB, and ends up taking his rage out on JT. Adam, in an attempt to stick up for his friend, accidentally impales Ricky through his hand. Then, in what has become recurring for Adam, he collapses unconsciously from the heat of the moment. JT quickly calls Adam's father, Isaac, and reveals to him what has happened. In a surprising turn of events, it is revealed that JT, as a previous lab assistant for Isaac, found out that Adam was actually an invented robot. Isaac later steals the robot from Holden Radcliffe, an enraged co-worker, as JT chooses to keep the information secretive.

    Alternate Version

    House of M: Incredible Hulk

    For more information see : House of M

    Adam one of the non-mutant humans escaping from the Australian government when they are attacked by soldiers. Adam is captured before the Hulk comes to the rescue. Adam is taken back to Sydney where he is dismantled but keep on line.

    When the Hulk, Dr, Isaac and Carmilla Black come to Sydney to rescue him, Isaac contacts him and Adam reassembles himself and blows up the lab he is being held in.

    Later when the Hulk takes over as governor, Adam stays on a one of Bruce's most trusted advisers.


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